Shopify Facebook Store App – Online Stores Platform | How to Create a Facebook Store

Shopify Facebook Store App – Online Stores Platform | How to Create a Facebook Store

Shopify Facebook Store App – Online Stores Platform | How to Create a Facebook Store: What do you know about the Shopify Facebook store app?

Well, there are lots for you to know about this if you have not heard of this before.

The Shopify Facebook Store app is what every businessman or woman needs, to boost business and earn lots of cash.

But am afraid there are still lots of business owners out there who have not yet make use of this app.

Well, don’t feel left behind because the reason I am here is to aid you to understand what the Shopify Facebook store app is all about and also know how you can access it.

For clearer knowledge I will like for us to take this step by step, for you to know it better, I will like to explain what Shopify Is and what the Facebook store is, before telling you how you can download the Shopify app.

What Is the Shopify?

Shopify is a platform that allows you to create a business store on your own without the help of anybody and enables you to run it online.

This is a platform that educates you about the online store when you access this platform you will learn how to run a business online.

And secondly, anybody can access this platform and start whether large or little business on the platform, whether a businessman or not you can create a store on the platform. You can link your Shopify store to your Facebook store.

What Is the Facebook Store? 

The Facebook store is a place on the Facebook platform that allows you to sell your goods and services through Facebook as a medium to reach a larger amount of audience out there.

The Facebook store has lots of benefits and features because you don’t need to go rent a store before you can sell anything.

You can be at home or anywhere and also run or manage your business online.

You can see it is stress-free and relaxing.

This is the best way to sell your products online without issues.

How to Download the Shopify App 

Here are the steps for you to follow when you want to download the Shopify app;
1. Go to your Google play store on your device.
2. Then tap the search tab and type Shopify store and click on the search button.
3. Results of the app searched for will be displayed.
4. Select one of your choices and click it.
5. After that you can now click on the install button.

When you follow these steps correctly then you will successfully download the Shopify app.

But before you can access the Shopify store and also the Facebook store
you will need to be a member of the Shopify store and also be a member of Facebook.

How to Have A Store On Shopify 
Here is how you can have a Shopify store;
1. First you need to access your browser or chrome.
2. Then go to
3. Click on the button that says “start free trial” at the top of the screen.
4. Enter your email and your password, also your store name. Make sure the store name has not been used by another person.
5. After that click on the create store below the boxes.
6. Then your store will be created.
7. You can now fill in the important details.
8. Your names, address, apartments, city, country, state, phone number, your zip or postal code, enter any of your personal websites.
9. Then click on “enter my store”.

When you follow all these steps correctly then you will be part of the Shopify platform.

How to Be a Facebook Member 

If you want to be a Facebook member then you will need to follow the steps below;
1. Open your browser or chrome.
2. Visit
3. Enter your email or phone number.
4. Your password.
5. Your gender and date of birth.
6. Then click on the signup button below
7. A code will be sent to the email or phone number to confirm your account
8. Enter that code in the confirmation box that appears on the Facebook page and click on continue.

When all these steps are followed correctly, then you will become part of the Facebook platform.

How to Create a Facebook Store 

This is what people have been waiting for, how to create a Facebook store, well here are steps to put you through;
1. Access your Facebook account.
2. Open your page on Facebook and open the shop page.
3. Then go to the Facebook business page,
4. Make you enter your shop details.
5. Create your payments.
6. After that you can now add a product to your Facebook.
7. Make sure you complete all important details and settings.
8. Then you can now manage and sell your products.

When you follow all these steps correctly then you will successfully create a store on Facebook.


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