Most Expensive Private Jets In the World

Most Expensive Private Jets In the World

The 8 Most Expensive Private Jets In the World

It still astounds me that we have developed machines and technology capable of carrying us around the globe!

That’s fantastic enough on its own, but owning a private aircraft is the way to go if you really want to do it in style.

The top 8 most costly private jets in the world are listed below.

The 8 Most Expensive Private Jets In the World

The following list of private jets and figures was constructed using information from different websites, including Jetset Magazine and

These are the world’s top 8 most costly private jets:

1. Air Force One – $660 million

Air Force One, America’s most expensive private plane, sits at the top of the list.

It is a triple-decker, 4,000 square foot monster that carries 100 passengers and 26 crew members and is owned and operated by the United States government.

It has a top speed of 650 miles per hour and is completely loaded with cutting-edge technology.

It has its own hospital and operating room, as well as being built to survive meteor attacks, earthquakes, and nuclear war.

It also has the ability to refuel in mid-flight and is always given first priority over other aircraft!

2. Boeing 747 refit – $617 Million

This 747 belongs to an unnamed billionaire, and there isn’t much information about how it’s outfitted on the inside.

What we do know is that it has been extensively updated and remodeled on the interior, with the finest luxury furniture available anywhere in the globe.

It boasts its own onboard restaurant, as well as various bedrooms, toilets, and lounges.

If you need a snooze, one of the eight private double bedrooms on the upper deck is waiting for you!

3. Airbus A380 Custom – $500 Million

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owns an Airbus A380 Custom that costs half a billion dollars!

The reason it costs so much is that a standard commercial A380 costs $400 million; but, when the prince opted to decorate the interior, the price quickly climbed to $500 million.

The jumbo jet is said to have its own performance theater, Turkish baths, prayer rooms, and a garage big enough to fit a Rolls-Royce or two!

4. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ – $403 Million

The 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ, like its younger brother, the 787 BBJ, will set you back $403 million before you’ve even picked up a paintbrush.

There are over 4,800 square feet of space inside this beast, as well as a fully equipped office, bedrooms, restrooms, and a dining room that changes into a corporate boardroom.

5. Airbus A340-300 – $350-500 Million

The largest plane in Russia is ranked fifth on our list of the most expensive private jets.

Alisher Ashmanov, a Russian millionaire, owns the Airbus A340-30, which was named after his father.

The initial cost of the private jet was $238 million; but, with all of the interior decorating, luxury furniture, and technology on board, the ultimate cost is believed to be between $350 and $500 million.

6. Boeing 747-430 – $233 Million

The Sultan of Brunei owns the second 747 on our list, which is valued at $233 million.

The Sultan paid roughly $100 million purchasing the plane and then spent another $100 million remodeling the interior.

The interior of the private plane is completely plated in solid gold, from the living area to the bedrooms and bathrooms, and even the wash basins!

7. Boeing 787-8 BBJ – $224 Million

The Boeing 787-8 BBJ is one of the world’s most costly private airplanes, costing a whopping $224 million.

The BBJ stands for “Boeing Business Jet,” and the plane has about 2,400 square feet of space.

It can also accommodate up to 39 guests and has a rather impressive master suite. There’s a walk-in closet, a double bathroom, and heated marble floors in the suite!

8. Boeing 767-33A (ER) – $120-170 Million

The next item on the list is Roman Abramovich’s personal airplane.

His collection of pricey luxury toys wouldn’t be complete without one of the world’s most expensive private jets, so he went all out.

The Boeing 767-33A’s (ER) interior has been decorated in gold and finished off with solid chestnut furniture, earning it the nickname “The Bandit” due to its cockpit paint job.

After a deal with Hawaiian Airlines fell through, Abramovich purchased the plane from Boeing and had it re-fitted to his specifications.

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