How To Poke Back On Facebook

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How To Poke Back On Facebook: Do you want to check out the people that poked you on Facebook so you can just poke back.
Or are you still searching for where your pokes are?

If yes, let’s take a look at how to see our Facebook pokes and the processes involved in poking someone back.

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In this post, you’ll see the old method of poking on Facebook and the latest version of Facebook poking your friends.

Old Method of Poking People On Facebook

Previously, here is how to poke on Facebook.
1. First, login Facebook
2. Locate the person you want to poke and then click on his/her name to proceed to their profile or Facebook news feed.
3. Go to the bottom right of their cover photo and click ()
4. Select poke from the drop-down menu. See screenshot below.
How To Poke Back On Facebook
5. The person you poked will receive a notification that you’ve poked them.

However, if you follow the above steps, you won’t see the poke option and won’t be able to poke via that means.

That is because Facebook has modified the poke’s feature.

New Method Of Poking On Facebook

Now to access pokes on Facebook, you’ll need to use a special link. That is your Facebook poke ‘s link.
Here is the link:

To poke someone on Facebook, simply enter that link in your browser and you’ll be taken to the official poke’s page where you can see all the persons that have poked you and those you’ve poked.

To poke back someone, simply click on the poke back option that is next to the name of the person that pokes you.

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