Facebook shop Section – Facebook Shopping Online | Facebook Store Set Up

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Here is an authentic guide on Facebook shop Section – Facebook Shopping Online | Facebook Store Set Up.

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Facebook shop or facebook store is an online store that helps you advertise and sell your products to friends and other people right on Facebook.

Facebook shop section only appears to your customers when you have added a product or two and only if it has been accessed and approved by Facebook.

Facebook shop Section - Facebook Shopping Online | Facebook Store Set Up

Facebook store types are different base on your location, any product that needs to be advertised must comply with the Facebook terms and policy.

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Features of a Facebook shop Section
– It is designed for mobile users.
– Customize collections – you can choose only the products you will like to advertise on Facebook.
– Inventory and sales made through Facebook shop are managed on Shopify.
– Saves time.
– Easy setup.
– Easy for customers to save and share products with customers.

Facebook allows you to add a shop section to your Facebook page so customers can buy your products directly from Facebook.

In this article, you will discover how to add or create facebook store section to your Facebook Page.

How to create a Facebook shop Section | Set up Facebook Shop 
If you have a product, you should at least also have plans to sell them online on a place like Facebook, Amazon, etc.

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The Facebook store is actually the best place to sell your products because it is 100% efficient and reliable.

If you Don’t know, you have the ability to create your own Facebook shop page and directly sell items to your friends and followers.

Here are the steps to do so;
– Go to your Facebook page and add a new section – when you get to your Facebook timeline page, click on “Add a shop “ which is located below the cover photo at the right-hand side of your page.

Agree to the terms and policy and then click on “continue”.
– Setup your shop details – fill in your product details required in the boxes that appears then click on “submit “.
– Configure your payments.
– Finish your shop setup.
– Add a product to your Facebook shop.
– Manage your products.

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You have successfully created a Facebook store page for effective selling of your products.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have the synchronizing features that other online stores owners would want.

Go to Facebook shop section help to get help about that.

That is it on Facebook shop Section – Facebook Shopping Online | Facebook Store Set Up.

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