How To Create Sponsored Message On Facebook Messenger

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How To Create Sponsored Message On Facebook Messenger: Before we shall proceed with the steps involved in how to create a Facebook Messenger sponsored message, let me first clear here that your Facebook Page must have enough existing conversations to create a custom audience.

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Having cleared that, follow the step by step guide below to check how to easily create sponsored messages on Facebook with ease.
How To Create Sponsored Message On Facebook Messenger
How To Create a sponsored message
To create a sponsored message: 
1. Go to Ads Manager and click Create Ad in Guided Creation.

2. Under the Consideration column, choose the Messages objective.

3. Create a Campaign name and click Continue.
– Only one sponsored message will be delivered per person, per ad set. To deliver multiple sponsored messages per person within a single campaign, select Create Multiple New Ad Sets at the top of the Ad Set section, and create unique ad sets corresponding to the number of sponsored messages you’d like to send per person.

4. Under Message Destination, choose Messenger.

5. Use the dropdown menu under Messenger to select Sponsored Messages, then choose the correct Page.

6. Under Audience, you can Create a New Audience or Use a Saved Audience.

   – You may further refine your audience using Facebook targeting, additional custom audiences, or custom logging in app events.

8. At the Placements level, Edit Placements will automatically select Messenger. Choose your budget.

    – The minimum bid to receive sponsored message delivery varies by country.

A recommended bid will automatically load in the Bid Strategy section of the ad creation flow. In the US, the recommended bid is $30 per 1,000 impressions.
   – Sponsored messages are billed on an impression basis. Your ad account is charged for an impression when someone sees they have a message from your business in their Messenger Inbox. Sponsored messages are on an auction-based bid.
    – Sponsored messages currently do not support ads scheduling and will deliver on an accelerated delivery schedule.

9. Select the format Text Only or Text & Image for your sponsored message in Message Setup.

10. Type your message and upload a photo (optional).

11. You can add quick replies or buttons to your message under Customer Actions.

     – Quick replies are preset bubbles that are shown to customers to start and guide the conversation.

12. Finish your ad and click Confirm.

13. Click Place Order to start tracking your sponsored messages ad.

Most sponsored messages are delivered within 24 hours of campaign start, but we recommend advertisers run sponsored messages campaigns for at least 5 days to maximize delivery.

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