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How to see all your Pokes on Facebook – View Facebook pokes: What happened to the once-popular Facebook “pokes”?
Are people still using this Facebook feature?
These are questions that come to mind when you look back on those days when notifications like “Sunday poked you” comes up on your notification.
In this article, we tell you how to discover if anybody has been poking you recently on Facebook Mobile.
How to See Your Facebook Pokes 
Before we had dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid, Facebook’s “poke” feature let users get the attention of others with its distinct method.
For most Facebook users, poking somebody was thought about as a type of safe flirtation, and an expression of interest, it’s a sign I wish to connect with you– the individual you have poked will understand you have an interest when he/she gets the notification, however absolutely nothing beyond that.
They may react to pokes, they may not. However, regardless, poking was a proven method for a user to notify you of their interest in you!
Recently with Facebook’s growth and popularity, the poking function ended up being more irritating than helpful.
While we do not know exactly what sort of social status poking somebody holds nowadays, we can inform you that the poking function has been relegated to the world of Facebook apps, which many individuals seldom or don’t even inspect.
2 Ways to Inspect Your Pokes. 
If you’re planning to check your Facebook pokes, the very first choice is to open the Facebook app and go down to the bottom of the screen, where you will locate the “More” button, click this button. Then, go to the “Apps” button, and click once again.
This is where pokes will appear unless it is among your more regularly utilized apps. If you tend to use the app regularly, it might appear on the list of choices when you at first click “More,” perhaps even looking beside among Facebook’s more preferred apps today.
As soon as it is discovered, click the Pokes app, and there you are– you’ll have the ability to see who has poked you just recently, whom you have poked, and Facebook’s recommendations for who you ought to poke!
For instance, if you take a look at a buddy’s page typically, the Poke app will most likely recommend you provide this individual a fast “poke.”
The 2nd method to inspect your pokes is to just go to the search bar at the top of the Facebook Mobile app, and key in “Pokes.”
This must take you to the app itself, which will provide you the same choices as the technique explained above.
So did you discover who poked you recently?
If your answer is no, use this link: to proceed to your Facebook pokes page.
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