Samsung Galaxy A01 Core – Specification

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core - Specification

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core specs, review, release date

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a phone to get new technologies and features. The Samsung A01 core, for example, is an example of this, as we will explain in detail in the following lines. It was released in the summer of 2020 and is part of the ultra-budget price range. It exceeds consumer expectations in certain ways. It’s regarded as charming, with a simple design with Android Go as its operating system. It’s an excellent pick for a first smartphone or for those who don’t want to pay for things they won’t use.


The Samsung A01 core has a sleek design that appeals to the eye. Plastic makes up its body. Blue, red, and black are the three colors available. The body’s corners are attractively rounded, and the back surface is textured. Apart from the inexpensive price, the compact size is another reason to acquire this Samsung model. Furthermore, there are no comments about its construction. It should be mentioned that this is a model from one of the market leaders, and its low cost has no bearing on its quality.

Overall, the Samsung A01 core is functional and comfortable to use. It only weights 150 grams, making it suitable for users of all ages. The volume and power buttons are usually found on the device’s right side. The memory card slots are on the left.

The Samsung A01 core’s front panel has thick bezels at the top and bottom of the screen, with the front camera at the top. The design of the back panel is impressive. When you hold the phone in your palm, it will feel secure.


Thanks to the TFT matrix with a resolution of 720×1480 pixels, the smartphone sports a 5.3-inch display with excellent visual quality. The screen takes up 74.5 percent of the entire front area, which is a low percentage by today’s standards. The pixel density per inch is 311 pixels per inch. 18.5:9 is the aspect ratio.


The performance of this South Korean company’s ultra-low-cost model is excellent. It is based on the MediaTek MT6739 chip, which has four Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.5 GHz. It has a PowerVR GE8100 graphics accelerator, 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM, and an Android Go operating system that is streamlined. The Samsung A01 core does not have any gaming capabilities. This smartphone is built to meet customers’ fundamental needs, such as making and receiving phone calls, sending text messages, and communicating on social media.

RAM is insufficient by today’s standards. To make amends, the business has chosen a lighter version of Android.

Depending on the upgrade, the internal storage can be 16 GB or 32 GB. You can utilize a memory card if you are limited on space. A dedicated slot has been provided by the manufacturer for this reason.

The Samsung A01 core is not designed to suit the needs of those who often capture a lot of images and videos. The storage space is limited. As a result, it’s a good device for kids and users who don’t care about cameras.


The Samsung A01 core includes a single main camera that is 8 MP with an aperture of f/2.2 with autofocus for its pricing. To improve the quality of the images, it comes with an LED flash. The front camera is 5 MP, so you’ll be able to capture decent selfies with it.

You can shoot videos with a resolution of 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second with the Samsung A01 core in your hands. The workforce cannot be expected to be of outstanding quality based on the features stated thus far.

Autonomous work

The Samsung A01 core is pleased with its self-contained operation. The device has a non-removable battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh that allows it to work throughout the clock. This is due to the CPU, small screen, and optimized software.


For the price, this Samsung model provides a lot. In practice, you get the essentials: a small but high-resolution screen, adequate performance for daily chores, long battery life, and cameras for capturing crucial events. Take a look at the Samsung A01 model if you want a gadget with more serious capabilities.

The Samsung A01 core is unique in that it only accepts one SIM card, which is uncommon nowadays. Smartphones increasingly commonly allow the use of two SIM cards at the same time. A minus can be estimated for the screen size. Devices with larger screens have recently been employed.

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