How to unlock hidden game on Android 10

How to unlock hidden game on Android 10

How to Unlock Hidden Android 10 Secret Game

Most of you may already be familiar with the key features of Android 10 now that it has been out for nearly four months. In fact, some of you may already be using it and are familiar with it. However, there is one ‘feature’ that the vast majority of you may be unaware of. No, we’re not referring to the easter egg found in the Android edition. That has existed since the beginning of Android, and everyone is aware of it. Android 10 has gone one step further by including a hidden game in the operating system. It does, however, take some work to unlock it, and that is where the pleasure is. So, here are the procedures to unlocking and playing the Android 10 game that was previously hidden. Check out how to obtain the Pixel 4 Live Caption function on any Android 10 device as well.

Unlock the Hidden Android 10 Game

Google introduced the Flappy Droid game in Android 5 Lollipop, which you can still play on Android Pie 9.0. This time, Picross has been added as a hidden Android 10 game. Pokémon Picross and Mario Picross have recently made this genre of game popular. The Android 10 game, like similar games, demands you to fill in the boxes using the hints provided in the rows and columns. This will eventually expose a picture.

However, you won’t be able to see the complete game’s content (or rather, hints) at once. The row hints are displayed by default. After that, auto-rotate your device to landscape mode and follow the suggestions in the column section. Filling in the boxes according to the rules will result in the development of an image. Does that pique your interest? So, here are the ways to unlocking and playing the Android 10 game concealed on your smartphones.

Steps to Follow

  1. Go to the Settings app on your Android 10 device. Then select About phone > Android version from the drop-down menu.
  2. To reveal the first easter egg, keep tapping on the Android version. So, since most of you are probably aware of this, there isn’t much of interest here. However, the hidden Android 10 game can only be unlocked and played through this screen.
  3. Begin by dragging the 1 through the o. Now double-tap 1 and hold it down until it begins to revolve. Release the grip once it has positioned itself in such a way that the letter Q is formed. To do so, you’ll need to move the number 1 to the left of 0 in a rightward titled position. For reference, look at the right-hand side of the image below.
  4. As soon as you do so, the black and grey bar in the background will start moving. In this instance, keep tapping the Android keyword until the hidden Android 10 game is revealed.
  5. If everything went well, you’ll see the picross game with the hints given at the rows. As mentioned before, you’ll have to rotate your device to landscape mode to reveal the other half of the hints. Now just start filling up the boxes and reveal the hidden image.

This concludes our tutorial on how to find and play the hidden Android 10 game. Please share your thoughts on the game and the image you were able to uncover in the comments area below.

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