How Do I Trade Bitcoin on Facebook – Facebook Bitcoins Trading Tips

How Do I Trade Bitcoin on Facebook – Facebook Bitcoins Trading Tips
How Do I Trade Bitcoin on Facebook – Facebook Bitcoins Trading Tips: Looking for a guide on how to trade bitcoin on Facebook?

Here is a post that teaches the steps you need for trading bitcoin on Facebook fast and easily.

Interestingly, how to Trade Bitcoin on Facebook is very easy. 
Obviously, everyone is familiar with the word “Trade”.
It entails the process of buying and selling between various people.
And since the article talks on trading bitcoin on Facebook, then this involves the buying and selling of bitcoin on the Facebook platform.
There are so many people out there who engage in the business of bitcoin.
However, you may not have an idea of what bitcoin is.

So, we will have to start from what bitcoin is all about and how it works.

What Is Bitcoin? – How It Works 
Bitcoin is a digital currency, which can be also called a cryptocurrency.

It is a type of money that is digital and not in the physical form.

It is the online version of money.

You can also use it to buy and purchase goods and services using this digital currency.

You can purchase goods using bitcoin.

And if you are a marketer or seller, you can sell your goods and receive bitcoins as your payment.

However, not all stores accepted this currency yet.

Each bitcoin that you have is a file that is stored in a digital bitcoin wallet.

This digital wallet has its form as an app or a web version, and not in physical form.

This wallet is therefore in your computer device or smart mobile phone.

You are able to send and receive bitcoin using this bitcoin wallet and the bitcoin address.

Each transaction is stored in a blockchain.

This is how bitcoin works.

Let’s now see how bitcoin and Facebook are connected to each other.

How to Trade Bitcoin on Facebook and How It Works 

You can get this digital currency, bitcoin, by receiving bitcoins from others through your bitcoin wallet.

This is where your bitcoins are stored.

However, you are not just able to get your bitcoins by receiving from others.

You can buy bitcoins, you can sell items and receive bitcoins for payment, you can also create bitcoin for yourself.

Now, you can get a little idea on How to Trade Bitcoin on Facebook.

Simply by buying and selling bitcoins on Facebook.

If you are a seller, you can sell bitcoin to others.

And if you are a buyer, you can buy from these sellers.

Facebook does not own bitcoin though.

Facebook does not sell these bitcoins.

Facebook also serves as a marketplace where you can buy and sell various kinds and products and services.

And the trade of bitcoin is also featured on the Facebook marketplace.

This is how it works.

How to Create a Facebook Account 

Creating a Facebook account is easy than you can ever think.

With just a few steps, you will get your Facebook account.

Wondering why you need to create a Facebook account?

Of course, you have to.

This account allows you to access the Facebook site.

And so, you can send messages, posts updates, contents and more.

So, this means that with this account, you can be able to access the Facebook marketplaces to trade bitcoin with others.

Let’s get your account up and active.
1. Visit the Facebook website on
2. On the site, enter your full name.
3. Enter your phone number or email address – whichever you have.
4. Provide a safe and secure password for this account.
5. Add your date of birth.
6. Select a gender.
7. Proceed by clicking on SIGN UP.

Steps on How to Trade Bitcoin on Facebook 

We have finally arrived at the part that will teach you on How to Trade Bitcoin on Facebook.

Let’s get started.

To trade bitcoin on the Facebook site, you will need to have access to its marketplaces.

There are various marketplaces where you can trade goods and services, but there are two main places, where you can trade this digital currency.

They are the Facebook groups and Facebook pages.

How to Trade Bitcoin on Facebook Groups 

You are able to buy and sell this bitcoin on Facebook groups, as they serve as marketplaces on the Facebook site.

Now, you have your Facebook account, you can easily access them.

1. Get into your Facebook account.
2. With the search bar on your homepage, search for Facebook Bitcoin Groups.
3. You will be given search results. At the top of the results, click on Groups.
4. Search results for bitcoin groups will be filtered out for you.
5. Click on any group and Join Group.

On this group, you will get to find a seller who offers sales of bitcoins. You can message them or drop a comment on their posts, if you are interested.

Do you want to sell bitcoins too? You can post your sales using the status box on the group.

In the box, you just have to fill in some details for the sales and post.

How to Trade Bitcoin on Facebook Pages 

You can also trade bitcoins on Facebook pages too.

Here’s how to do so.

1. On your homepage, search for Facebook Bitcoin Pages.
2. Above the search results given to you, click on Pages.
3. You will be given search results for pages.
4. Click on any page, like and follow the page. This will help you get posts and updates from sellers and others on the page.
5. You can also post your sales using the status box.

If any buyer is interested, they can message and contact you on Facebook. This is how it works.

That is it on How Do I Trade Bitcoin on Facebook – Facebook Bitcoins Trading Tips.


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