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Hello, TV. Hi Media now has one of the most affordable cable TV subscription rates in Nigeria. HiTV Direct to Home DTH pay TV provides a diverse range of local and international channels and bundles for entertainment, news, sports, children, and other purposes. Despite losing the Barclays Premier League to DSTV in Nigeria, HiTV still holds rights to the UEFA Champions League and the Europa Cup. HiTV decoders, prices, subscription rates, dealers, bundles, and channels are all covered on this page.

HiTV decoder & equipment

A HiTV decoder, a satellite dish, and a HiTV smart card are required to subscribe to HiTV. These three products must be purchased. These three pieces of equipment currently cost N15,000 in Nigeria. You’ll also have to pay the installers a fee of around 5,000 NGN for installation. HiTV has a monthly membership charge of N1,900 for the Correct package and 3,500 Naira for the Premium plan. The commercial bundle will cost N15,000 per month for viewing centers, restaurants, and cafes. The hotel package will cost N1200 per room per month. HiTV devices and subscriptions are available throughout the United States.

Because HiTV signals are encrypted, you’ll need a decoder to decode them. Before the HiTV decoder can function properly, the HiTV smartcard, which holds your payment information, must be placed into the relevant slot. Of course, your satellite dish must be aimed at the correct satellite (Eutelsat W4 at 36 degrees East).

HiTV Packages & Bouquet

Currently HiTV has five packages, namely:

  • HiTV Correct package – N16,900
  • HiTV Premium package – N18,500
  • HiTV Commercial package
  • HiTV Hotel package

The prices listed are for the entire system, which includes the scratch card, dish, decoder, and a one-month subscription to HiTV. The device installation costs around N5,000.

HiTV Correct:

HiTV Correct is Nigeria’s entry-level pay television bundle. HiTV Correct charges N1,900 per month for 19 channels. BBC World, Fox News, Aljezeera, Sony Entertainment, and others are among the channels included in this package. If you are interested in the Carling Cup, the UEFA Champions League, or sporting events, this package is not for you.

For further information, go to the HiTV Correct Channels page.

Premium bouquet:

HiTV Premium is a high-end Pay TV package for residential customers, with 32 channels and four audio channels available for N3,500 a month. This is the package to choose if you want to watch live athletic events such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa Cup, and so on. Only the Premium bundle includes channels like Hi Soccer, Hi Sports, Hi Sprots 2, and Fox Entertainment.

For further information, go to the HiTV Premium Channels page.

If you truly want to get the most out of HiTV, we recommend getting the Premium package.

You’ll need to upgrade to the HiTV Premium subscription if you want to watch live UEFA Champions League matches and other live sporting events.

HiTV Commercial Package:

HiTV Commercial is aimed for users who watch HiTV in public places such as viewing centers, clubs, restaurants, and cafés. Subscribers to HiTV Commercial will pay N15,000 each month.

HiTV Hotel Package:

This package is for hotels. Hotels will pay N1,200 every month for this package.

HiTV channels

HiTV offers a diverse range of local and international programming. Hi Sports, Hi Soccer, Hi Nolly, Hi Sports 2, Hi Kids, Hi Mix, Hi Life, Hi Movies, and so on are some of the Hi-branded channels. HiTV also has a number of other popular channels, including:

  • Fox News
  • Sky News
  • BBC World News
  • Amuludun TV (Yoruba channel)
  • Kidsco
  • Discovery World
  • Sony Entertainment TV
  • EuroSports News
  • GOD
  • and so on

HiTV Nigeria dealers

HiTV have dealers throughout Nigeria, for a list of authorized HiTV dealers, visit HiTV dealers page.

HiTV Payment and subscription

Payments for HiTV can be made in Nigeria at GTBank branches, HiTV headquarters, and agent locations. HiTV now accepts secure online payments as well as mobile phone payments. InterSwitch debit cards and e-Tranzact can now be used to make online payments. If you have a GTBank Internet Banking account, you can use it to make safe payments to HiTV.

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