Google Pixel Or Iphone 13: Is Google Pixel A Better Alternative?

GOOGLE is set to release a new smartphone, but will it outperform the iPhone 13?

The Google Pixel 6 is just days away, and the search engine giant has already teased it strongly.

Google’s Android software’s flagship phones are known as Pixel phones.

They get the most advanced features first, and they run the most pure version of Android that Google has built.

For technology aficionados, Google Pixel phones, along with Samsung and Huawei, are among the most serious competitors to the iPhone.

We already have a good idea of what the Google Pixel 6 will look like.

However, there are certain rumored specifications that could put it ahead of the iPhone 13.

Better camera

Google Pixel phones have always had amazing cameras, putting Apple under a lot of pressure to compete.

With the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple has unveiled its best camera yet, boasting what is likely the best smartphone camera in the world.

However, Google’s forthcoming Pixel 6 Pro, which is likely to equal the iPhone 13 with a triple camera configuration, could beat Apple.

According to rumors, Google is using new larger picture sensors in the Pixel phones, which might help them compete with the iPhone 13 in low-light shooting.

Cheaper price

Smartphone prices have climbed over time, but they appear to have leveled off recently.

In truth, the iPhone 13 was priced similarly to the iPhone 12 in the United States, but was £20 cheaper in the United Kingdom.

The iPhone 13 Mini costs $699/£679 while the iPhone 13 costs $799/£779 right now.

The Google Pixel 5 costs $699 in the United States and £599 in the United Kingdom.

If Google can maintain the same pricing, it will drastically undercut the iPhone 13.

That could be a big draw for smartphone skeptics who aren’t completely devoted to Apple.

No notch

With the iPhone X, Apple debuted the “notch,” which protrudes from the screen.

It’s where the Face ID camera is housed, and it’s been a plague on the display for years.

With the iPhone 13, Apple actually made it a tad smaller.

However, Apple supporters are clamoring for the company to remove the notch entirely, which it may do in the coming years.

However, Google has already ditched the notch in favor of a tiny camera cutout at the very top.

It’s not ideal, but it’s a lot better than the notch – and it shows that it can be done.

The lack of a notch may be a major deciding factor for design purists when it comes to upgrading.

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