Fake AirPods Pro Hands-On Review

Fake AirPods Pro Hands-On Review

Fake AirPods Pro Hands-On Review: $59 KnockOff Earbuds gets very close to the real deal

Last week, Apple unveiled the AirPods Pro, which include Active Noise Cancelling and a $249 price tag. The original two generations of AirPods were a huge hit, and the Pro model is also getting a lot of love. We liked the noise-canceling capabilities as well as the general fit and sound quality.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at APods Pro, one of the first FAKE AirPods Pro on the market. It’s so identical to the AirPods Pro that it’ll be difficult to tell which is the genuine article. Don’t worry, we’ll point out a few minor distinctions to help you distinguish between the two.

APods Pro Case is almost identical to the original AirPods Pro Case

It’s been just over a week since the AirPods Pro were unveiled to the public. Despite this, the APods Pro has managed to replicate the casing and earbud design of the original Pro model, right down to the fit and iPhone pop-up notification!

To begin with, the APods Pro case is identical to the original AirPods Pro case. Although the Apple case is a little more polished than the fakes, it’s difficult to tell them different in general. The same USB-C port as the original Apple AirPods Pro is found underneath. However, if you look at the back of the original AirPods Pro case, you’ll find the wording “Designed By Apple In California.” There is no writing on the bogus APods Pro case.

You are mistaken if you believe that once the case is opened, things will become easier to distinguish between the two. The APods Pro earphones resemble the original Apple Pro earbuds in appearance. However, there are a few minor changes that distinguish them.

When you open the APods Pro case, for example, the two cavities that contain the two earphones are somewhat different. The actual AirPods Pro feature rounder cavities than the imitation case, which has oval cavities. Furthermore, the fake ones only open to 90 degrees, but the genuine AirPods Pro case can open to nearly 120 degrees.

The notification LED light on the left earbud is another significant distinction. When charging in the case or taking it out to connect to your iPhone, the imitation APods Pro has a Blue LED light that illuminates. The original Apple AirPods Pro, on the other hand, do not have a notification light.

The APods Pro Earbuds are even more similar to the original AirPods Pro

The APods Pro managed to duplicate the original AirPods’ pop-up notice on the iPhone when you opened the case, which was a pleasant surprise. It appears to be quite close to the real thing!

When you pull out the fake AirPods Pro, the head and steam are designed to resemble the original AirPods Pro as closely as possible. The knockoff earbuds are lighter than the originals, but they do an excellent job of imitating Apple’s design. It will be difficult to tell the difference between this imitation and the genuine.

However, there are two distinctions between them. The bottom charging connectors are slightly different, and the nozzles are also different. The genuine AirPods Pro features a black nozzle, whilst the counterfeit has a white nozzle.

However, in terms of fit, the APods Pro comes very close to the original Apple earbuds.

APods Pro Sound Quality Is TERRIBLE

With so many similarities, you would have probably hoped that the APods Pro at least had decent sound quality.

The APods Pro, like other phony or copycat Apple items on the market, sound dreadful! The sound quality is poor, and there is no bass. There is no active noise cancellation, in case you were wondering. They must have spent so much time imitating the design that they ran out of money to put in a nice set of sound drivers.

So please don’t buy the APods Pro because of its sound quality.

On the plus side, the APods Pro boasts a good Bluetooth connection and low latency. So you shouldn’t have any problems utilizing these earbuds to play games on your phone.

APods Pro Is Cheap!

At $54, the APods Pro is a bargain. We can’t recommend the APods Pro unless you’re searching for something that’s 100% identical to the original AirPods Pro.

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