Facebook Retail Store | How To Create a Facebook Retail Store – Things Needed to Create a Store

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Facebook Retail Store | How To Create a Facebook Retail Store – Things Needed to Create a Store: Here is an authentic guide on how to create Facebook retail store for your e-commerce business.

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In this post, you’ll see everything you need to know about the Facebook retail store and the processes involved in setting up one for your ecommerce business. Continue reading below:
Facebook Retail Store | How To Create a Facebook Retail Store - Things Needed to Create a Store
Look what I came across a few months ago. The facebook retail store. But before I go any further, I have a question to ask does Facebook have a retail store?

Yes, Facebook has a retail store function for small businesses.

With this function facebook, users can easily sell products directly from their facebook page.

And the best part of this is that it’s totally cost free.

In other words, you do not need to pay for it. It’s free! With Facebook people mostly users can now sell to other Facebook users.

All you need is to firstly have a facebook page for your business.

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This is because the facebook shop or store section can only be integrated via a Facebook page. So you see that this is a very important aspect of the facebook retail store.

Why You Need a Facebook Retail Store 
This platform is very useful and important. The people that are most likely to benefit from this very platform are those businesses and stores that are just coming up. Below are some benefits of a facebook retail store;

1. You can sell directly to customers on facebook

2. Setting up a facebook retail store is completely free.

3. Your products get exposure on a global level.

4. Also, your products get directed to a targeted audience.

There are other reasons why you should make use of this platform, but these are the only ones I can come up with for the now.

To get the full benefits of this platform you need to create your own facebook retail store if you know if you do not have one.

What You Need To Create Your Facebook Retail Store 
You need to be a registered user of the facebook platform. and besides that you also need to own a facebook page for your business and products. This is because you can only access and set up your facebook store via the facebook page.

If you do not have a facebook page, do well to create one today so as to be able to create your very own facebook retail store.

To create a facebook page, on your device go to www.facebook.com/page/create and then follow the on screen options to successfully create your own facebook page.

How to Create a Facebook Retail Store 
To create a Facebook store follow the steps below;

1. once you have successfully set up your facebook page, click the add a section tab that is under the pages cover photo.

2. Click on the ‘add a shop section’ link and agree to the merchant’s terms and conditions.

3. On the next page you will have to set up your business name and payment processing details. To completely process the later you will need a stripe account to link to your store. But if you do not have a stripe account you can set up one before you continue with the other processes.

4. Describe what you sell and start adding products to your store.

5. Access your shops listings and manage your shops orders.

That’s it, all you need to set up your Facebook retail store. Please share(Facebook Retail Store | How To Create a Facebook Retail Store – Things Needed to Create a Store)…Thank you!!!

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