Facebook Marketplace | How Do I Use Facebook Marketplace | How to use facebook marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace | How Do I Use Facebook Marketplace | How to use facebook marketplace: This is a post that explains how to use the Facebook marketplace in-depth. 
Facebook Marketplace – Have you ever heard of the Facebook Marketplace? You may have never heard of this, but it would surprise you to know that a whole lot of people out there do make use of this Marketplace, open and available on Facebook.

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As we all know, Facebook site is one of the most famous and most used social media sites all over the world. And being the largest and most used site, we can say that it contains almost all the world’s population, that make use of its amazing services.

Being a great platform for connection and interaction for the whole world, it is now known as a hub for marketers and businesses, which now market and advertise their products right on the social media site, Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace | How Do I Use Facebook Marketplace | How to use facebook marketplace

What Is Facebook Marketplace? The Facebook Marketplace simply refers to a simple, convenient and conducive medium through which you can buy and sell your products to users and customers via the Facebook site. you are able to buy products by searching through listings and other ways.

This is one ultimate destination where the public is just able to gain reach to your products and items on sale as the Facebook site contains hundreds of millions of active users, who may be in need of your available products and items on sale.

With this marketplace feature, you are sure able to;
– Get connected with and interact with fans and customers interested in your products and items
– Get connected to users and people who are in search of your items and products
– Select several different categories of listings in order to help people discover your products when they are in search of your items and products
– You can list and advertise your products and items all for free. However, some charges may apply in some cases

How to Create a Facebook Account – Facebook Marketplace 
Now, are you beginning to wonder where you can find the Facebook Marketplace? It is simple! You can simply find this Facebook Marketplace right in the Facebook app. as long you have your Facebook account, then you can get started.

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Then you can get started on this marketplace feature right on your Facebook app, but before you can get started, you must have a Facebook account first, then from here, you can get started. You don’t have a Facebook account? Here’s how to create one.

On Android Phones – Facebook Marketplace 
– Open the Google Play store on your Android device.
– At the top of the page, in the search box, type in Messenger and search.
– Click on the Facebook app and click on the “Install” button.
– Next, you have to click on “Accept”
– Wait for the download process to finish and Open your Facebook app.
– On the app page, click on “Create New Facebook Account”, and click on Next.
– Agree to the security prompts and click on Next.
– Type in your first name and last name, and click on Next.
– Enter your date of birth and click on Next.
– Select your gender and click on Next.
– Enter a valid email address and click on Next.
– Enter a suitable password for the account, and click on Next.
– Click on Sign Up.

On IOS Devices and Tablets – Facebook Marketplace 
– Open your Apple app store on your IOS or Tablet device.
– Once the store is open, click on the search icon.
– In the search box, type “Facebook” and search for it.
– A result list of related apps will be shown to you on the next page, click on the Facebook app and click on “GET”.
– Next, you have to click on “INSTALL” and start the download process.
– After the download process, open the Facebook app.
– One the page of the app, click on Create New Facebook Account.
– Enter your name, email address, and date of birth.
– Choose your gender and enter a password.
– Once you are done with these processes, click on Sign Up.
– Now you have gotten your Facebook account, let us proceed to the step on how you can get hold of the Facebook marketplace.

How to Log in Your Facebook Account – Facebook Marketplace 
Now you have created your Facebook account, here’s how to log in to your Facebook account whenever you want to make use of this account.

For Mobile Devices – Facebook Marketplace 
– On your device, open the Facebook app.
– Enter your email address or mobile number. ‘
– Enter your password.
– Click on Log In

For Desktops and Computers – Facebook Marketplace 
– On your web browser, go to www.facebook.com.
– Enter your email or phone number.
– Enter your password.
– Click on Log In.

How to Use the Facebook Marketplace 
The Facebook Marketplace has launched this marketplace for general availability in order for the art of buying and selling to take place on the Facebook app.

So if you are interested in getting your business online, then here’s how to get started.
– Open the Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account.
– At the top of the page, you will find a shop/store icon, click on it.
– Add the photos of the items and products on sale.
– Enter a brief title for your products.
– Add a short description of your items or business.
– Describe the item and add the process of the item.
– Add a category and location for the item.

Once you have followed the processes above, Facebook will help list your items and products, and make it visible to other users on the platform.

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