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Facebook Marketplace Free Stuff | Facebook Buy and Sell: Is there anything like the Facebook marketplace free stuff?

Do you want to figure out if you can find free stuff on the Facebook marketplace?

Let’s consider that in this post.
For those of us who are yet to know what a Facebook marketplace is, here is a quick guide on stuff you should know about the Facebook marketplace. 
Facebook Marketplace Free Stuff | Facebook Buy and Sell
Interestingly, the Facebook marketplace is a digital marketplace where Facebook users and also non-users can buy and sell items.

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They can also trade items with people around them and in their locality. The facebook market place has been a revelation since its inception into the digital world. 
There are lots of things that this facebook function or feature helps you to do. It helps users to search for items to buy. Users can also browse for sale items by category and location. 
With the facebook marketplace, it has now been possible for buyers and sellers to message each other and also arrange transactions. 
Users can also create items list. Under their’ your items’ section users can view both previous and current transactions and messages.

Role and Importance of Facebook Marketplace 
You might be looking for reasons to engage yourself in the Facebook marketplace platform. you do not have to worry much as I will be giving you some reasons why this platform is important to engage with.

According to statistics facebook buy and sell groups is currently being visited by roughly around 450 million people every month on a worldwide scale.

Although still at its early stages, this platform has the potential to become one of the great’s of its kind if not the greatest in time.

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It is a great platform for small scale businesses. So therefore if you are a young entrepreneur who is still at his early stages I urge you to make use of this platform.
Can You Get Free Stuffs on Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace Free Stuff 
Speaking on a more personal note, it’s quite impossible to get free kinds of stuff on the facebook marketplace hub. You can get kinds of stuff on the cheap here.

But getting stuff for free is not really an option here. Come to think of it, the place is a market.

It is meant for buying and selling nit for getting free stuffs. But there are some cases where you get special discounts for products bought though. But it is totally dependent on the seller.

Do I Need a Facebook Account to Access This Function? 
You do not need to create a new separate account in order to access this feature. But you do need a acebook account in order to access the facebook marketplace feature.

Who Can Access Facebook Marketplace 
You should know that the facebook marketplace isn’t available to everyone, but those that meet the criteria’s needed.

You must be 18 years and older before you can access this facebook feature. Also, accounts that have just been created more recently cannot access marketplace.

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This is so, to prevent fraud and scam accounts. For those users making use of iOS devices, you can only access the marketplace feature on iPhone 5 and later versions.

Just in case you lost access to the facebook marketplace function of Facebook know that you may have used the feature in ways that go against Facebook commerce policies or community standards.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace 
To access this feature like I earlier said you need a facebook account. To access this feature log in to your facebook account online and click on the marketplace icon on the left column on the facebook page.

The process is pretty much the same when accessing it via the app. the only difference is that the positions of the marketplace icons are different.

Just look for the marketplace icon on the facebook app which is located at the top right corner of your facebook page on the facebook app. to simply access it click on it.

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