Facebook and Marketplace – The Facebook Marketplace

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Let’s consider Facebook and Marketplace – The Facebook Marketplace. A lot of people often wonder about the relationship between Facebook and marketplace? 
Now come to think of it, instead of looking at the topic above as two separate words why not see it as a single word, facebook marketplace
It sounds better now to me, I don’t know about you, although it should too. Facebook is not just called the biggest social media platform in the world for no reason. 
Facebook and Marketplace – The Facebook Marketplace
The Facebook social media platform is one that can be used for one too many things. Just about anything can be done here.

You can connect and communicate with family and friends both far and near. You can also make voice and video calls here too.

But there is something about the platform that not everybody knows about.

This platform cannot only be used for socializing as the above features and characteristics are all for socializing.

You can also integrate your business here on this platform. Another hidden feature people don’t know about is that facebook can also be utilized as a marketing tool.

Lastly, another thing that many people view facebook as is that facebook is a marketplace. There is even a function in facebook known as the marketplace. Now, what is the facebook marketplace?

What Is Facebook Marketplace?
The facebook marketplace is a place in facebook where you can conveniently buy and sell in your area. In this place, you can either list a product for sale or you can visit it to find products with great prices to buy.

The facebook marketplace works in similar fashion as the very popular eBay and gumtree platform.

Here buyers and sellers alike meet and negotiate for the prices of items. If you have made use of this platform or maybe have knowledge of how it works then you should know that it is very similar to facebook buy and sell groups.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace 
The facebook marketplace is a popular one among facebook users, so, therefore, it shouldn’t cost you any trouble to access. You do not need to register to this very feature before you can be able to make use of it.

All you need is your registered facebook account. This means that if you do not have a facebook account you cannot access the facebook marketplace platform.

If you have gone through this article and would love to make use of the facebook marketplace and you do not have a facebook account, visit the official facebook website at www.facebook.com on your device to create your own account. To access the facebook marketplace follow the steps below;

On Android and iOS Devices 
1. Launch the facebook app on your preferred device.
2. On the facebook app on iOS devices the facebook marketplace icon is located at the bottom left corner of your facebook page.
3. While on android devices it is located at the top right corner of your facebook page.

After locating the facebook marketplace icon click on it.

On Desktop PCs 
1. On your facebook page the facebook marketplace icon is located at the left column of any facebook page.

2. Once you have located the icon, click on it.

That’s all you need to do to access the facebook marketplace feature of facebook.

An important point to note about the facebook marketplace is that it is not all available in all regions. It is available is most of the American countries, also in Europe, Australia and across Asia.

South Africa is the only African country with access to facebook marketplace.

You must be 18 years and older for you to have access to this platform.

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