Facebook Marketing Strategies | Marketing on Facebook | How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketing Strategies | Marketing on Facebook | How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketing Strategies – Facebook is a social media platform with so many benefits and advantages. 
Some of these advantages are the fact that you can easily find new friends and connect with people from far away.
Facebook Marketing Strategies | Marketing on Facebook | How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace
The most amazing part of this entire platform is that it is entirely free. Imagine the possibility of text messaging someone for free, quite amazing right? You can also make video calls and join groups of a particular set of people.

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Now, that you know these amazing services offered by Facebook, we can now discuss some Facebook marketing strategies to grow your business.

Create a Facebook Account – Facebook Marketing Strategies 
A Facebook account is the main reason why there is a Facebook marketing strategy. Now, you may ask why?

Well, the answer is simple. The reason is that you need a Facebook account to do anything on the Facebook platform.

To create an account quickly;
– Go to the official Facebook page at www.facebook.com.
– On the page, click o the icon indicating you should create a new account. You are liable to see this icon while scrolling down.
– From the page, you are redirected to, ad your personal details and click on the next icon. However, in place of the next icon, sometimes you might find a continue icon.
– Now add your contact details and make sure it is correct because you will be asked to confirm some of them.
– Confirm your contact details by completing the challenge you are given and that is it. That is how to create a Facebook account.

Log in your Facebook Account – Facebook Marketing Strategies 
Now, you might encounter some problems where you might be logged out of your Facebook account. If that is the case, you can login using the procedures below.
– Go to the official Facebook home page at www.facebook.com
– From the two boxes indicating you should add your login credentials, add them there. your login credentials are your Facebook username and password.
– Click on the login button after that and if your credentials are correct you will be automatically logged in o your Facebook account.

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That is it for login in your Facebook account.

The above step can be carried out on any device successfully. Some Facebook Marketing Strategies Like we were discussing above, there are so many benefits of selling things on Facebook but the real deal is learning and using some marketing strategies.

You see, there are different ways to market on Facebook and it includes using facebook marketplace and running of ads. However, we are only going to discuss free ones. Some Facebook marketing strategies are;

Listing your Items for Sale on Facebook Groups – Facebook Marketing Strategies 
This step is a very easy one as that because all you need is for you to be logged in on your Facebook account. I believe you must have learned that above so I am just going straight to the point. To list an item for sale on a Facebook group;
– Go to the group home page and clock on the small box indicating you should add a post. The box is usually rectangle found at the top of the page after the group cover photo with an inscription telling you to add a new post.
– Add your item for sale and add some pictures to tell your viewers what exactly it is you are selling. – Add your price if you feel like and then click on the “post” icon.

There you have it. It is as easy as that. The above procedure will work for just any Facebook group of which you can post on but on selling groups, you will see a link above the post box indicating you should add what you are selling.

If that is the case, click on the icon and follow the instruction given to you afterward to list your item for sale.

Listing Items for Sale on Facebook Pages – Facebook Marketing Strategies 
The same step above applies to Facebook pages. All you need to do is follow the guidelines for the Facebook groups I listed above and replace the group’s text for pages. It is as easy as that. The same steps will also work on any Facebook page.

Listing Items for Sale on your Timeline and Friends timeline – Facebook Marketing Strategies Your Facebook timeline is a special page given to you when you create a Facebook account. This page is a review of the things you ever posted over time.

To list an item for sale here, also follow the steps listed above for groups but this time replacing it with “timeline.

The only difference here is that you will never see a list asking you to add something you want to sell unlike the facebook pages and groups and you will have to go to your newsfeed or timeline. you can go to your timeline by clicking your name link on any facebook page.

The same also applies to your friend timeline if you wish to do so.

Finding Facebook Pages and Groups – Facebook Marketing Strategies
This is very simple. What you need to do is locate the Facebook search bar at the top of any Facebook page and key in your search. Now click on the search and wait for your results to be displayed.

Once your results are displayed, you will see some link on top of the result like “people” “groups” “pages” and some others more.

From those links, click on groups or pages to find all the groups or pages related to your search. You can also do the same for other links.

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