Facebook Live – How to do Facebook Live Streaming – Watch Facebook Live video

Facebook Live - How to do Facebook Live Streaming - Watch Facebook Live video

Facebook Live – How to do Facebook Live Streaming – Watch Facebook Live video: Welcome to web.belmadeng.com.

In today’s post, we want to teach you how to carry out facebook live streaming.

So if you are a facebook user and looking for a guide on how to live stream on facebook or just want to figure out the steps you need to follow to watch facebook live video, this article has gotten you covered.

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So, picture this, you have a Facebook account or page, maybe a popular one or one you look to develop and grow into a popular one.

You could post an interesting picture, videos, and contents, contents that are eye-catching, you could also verify your page or account and invite friends and family to your page or create more traffic to it, all this will certainly build any Facebook page or account.

But imagine a Facebook account or page that could go live thereby being able to interact with its followers uniquely and speedily, an account or page that can create live videos like live football matches.

Facebook Live is a kind of live broadcast feature of Facebook that allows followers and viewers to interact with you.

It’s better than posting pictures and videos and then you have people commenting because you can’t get the comments immediately talk less of replying to them, but by going Live you get to see your viewers and follower’s reaction to your actions and live video.

You get suggestions and opinions about what you are doing, you are able to connect and interact with your viewers and followers instantly.

How do you Watch Facebook Live video

The first steps are to have a mobile device with a camera and a working Facebook account.

Go to “news feed”, live videos that are being streamed by people you follow or friends will appear here or you could check the Facebook live map.

Facebook live map shows you live videos currently on that could be streamed, although not currently available on mobile devices can be very effective.

Search for videos that are tagged live on the search menu of Facebook
Try to follow big and influential names on Facebook or live broadcasters that you like on Facebook as this will notify you on your News Feed when they go live
Be interactive when streaming a live video on Facebook, the more active you are, the higher the chances you will get invited to the next live broadcast.

N.B; when a live broadcast finishes, it is archived to the timeline of the Facebook user that did the live broadcast unless it is deleted.

When a Facebook user is live streaming, the user can only see the viewer’s comments and messages.

It’s just like a live conference with the difference being that there is no hundred percent verbal interaction.

That is it on Facebook Live – How to do Facebook Live Streaming – Watch Facebook Live video.

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