Facebook Event Marketing | How To Create a Facebook Event

Facebook Event Marketing | How To Create a Facebook Event: It is no more news that Facebook is the most visited and largest social media platform in the world. 
It is not just the biggest social media platform for no reason. 
Facebook Event Marketing | How To Create a Facebook Event
There are reasons why its user’s love the platform so much the Facebook platform has lots of wonderful features. 

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This is the very reason people love it and make use of it. The Facebook platform can be used for two things majorly. It can be used for both professional and private use. Although the main reason Facebook was created was for connectivity. 
With over 400 million people making use of Facebook events every month, it is a very powerful tool to market and promote your events. 
Facebook is now the new place that everybody turns to get updates on recent findings and events around them. It is more like the new discovery site. 
Facebook Event Marketing Tips to Note 
Over 38 million events were created via facebook pages on Facebook last year. So you see events marketing on Facebook can be competitive at times. 
Since this platform is a competitive one it is very easy to get lost in the crowd while trying to find your way in the events marketing platform. There are things that make events stand out from others. 

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So therefore if you want your event to stand out from others you have to implement some certain strategies to your events marketing to accomplish this. Below are some tips to integrate when marketing your events on Facebook. 
Helpful Tips: 
1. When marketing your events on Facebook, you have got to make it mobile. Statistics show that most of the traffic on facebook today takes place on mobile devices. What I mean by the above is that it has to be mobile friendly. 
When you are promoting an event you don’t just want people to find it you also want them to buy tickets. With this strategy, you reduce stress for users and make it easier to check out. You also sell more tickets using this strategy. 
2. Sell your event’s ticket directly on the Facebook platform. Since the event will be promoted on Facebook and most users will see it on Facebook, it is advisable to just sell the tickets on Facebook. 
If you are selling the tickets on other platforms, buyers might get easily discouraged. You also get more ticket sales when selling directly on Facebook. 
3. This is obviously the most important of all the strategies. Make sure your audience target is spot on. You have to utilize all of Facebook marketing tools to accomplish this.

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4. You should also know how to manage and also monitor your ads faster. There are various facebook tools to help you publish, update and edit multiple events from one single dashboard. 
There are other strategies to employ when it comes to events marketing on Facebook, but these are the most important ones to take note of.
How to Create a Facebook Event 
If you want to create an event on Facebook and you don’t know the steps to take, follow the steps below;
1. On your facebook account page, click on the events tab on the left-hand column of your account.

2. Click on the create event tab. You will have to choose the type of event you want to create. Whether it is a public or private event.

3. On the next page, you will have to fill the events form.

4. You will have to fill in event photo or video, event name, location, description, schedule and date and time.

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5. When you are done filling out these pieces of information click on create private or public event.

The difference between a private event and a public event is that on private events only invited guests will see the event.

The host of private events can also choose to allow guests to invite other people. While on public events anyone can view and search for it even though you are not friends on facebook.

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