Facebook Ads Manager – How to Access Facebook Ads Manager

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Facebook Ads Manager – How to Access Facebook Ads Manager: Facebook Ads Manager let you create and manage your Facebook adverts.

Adverts can be created and run by anyone who has a Facebook Ads account

If you have people you care about you can target your ads to them. Facebook Ads can also be run on other social media such as Instagram, messenger and audience network. 
In order to manage your advertising account, Facebook ads manager is a powerful ad management tool, designed for advertisers of any experience level. 
Facebook Ads Manager – How to Access Facebook Ads Manager
With Facebook ads manager, you can select campaign parameters such as your objective and audience.

You can as well manage creative work, upload your ad creative, write, copy and do a review on how your ads look on different devices.

The ads manager makes it easy for you to edit your budget, audience, placement options and allow editing multiples ads in bulk.

If you ever needed to pause, copy or relaunch your ad campaign at any time you can do so with the Facebook ads manager.
When can I use Facebook Ads Manager? 
You can use the Ads manager if you want to at your convenience. As said above Facebook Ads Manager simply means Facebook advertising manager.

Its a Platform for coordinating and organizing how advert can be managed on Facebook.

The ads manager can be used for following;
– Quickly duplicate your ads, ad sets, and advertising campaigns.
– For editing all your ad settings, such as targeting and budget from one place
– See all of the metrics that matter to you in one consolidated view.
– It can be used to analyze results and make informed changes to your ads and campaigns.
– Customize your graphs and tables to see the metrics that are most important to you.

There are more to what and when you can make use of Facebook Ads Manager.

This is a section of Facebook where you can control your adverts on Facebook. You can go through the below content on how to access Facebook Ads Manager.

How to Access Facebook Ads Manager 
You can access Facebook advert through visiting their website online to know much more about them or you can probably sign up for an account with them to become a business manager.

For signing up or You want to Login just follow the following process;
– On your web or mobile phone visit www.business.facebook.com
– At the right hand of the page, click sign up or Login
– Fill the form with your details such as business name, your name, business email etc.
– After confirming your sign up
– Notification will be sent to the email provided

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Once you are signed in, then you are in control of how your business grow as this gives you full access to Facebook Ads manager panel.

People get to see which business you are into and you meet other business managers on the platform.

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