Facebook Lite Messenger | How to Download

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Are you looking for credible info on Facebook Lite Messenger | How to Download? Continue reading below as the post got you covered.

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Facebook Messenger service is known to be one of the most famous and most used chats messaging apps in the world today. 

But despite its fame, there are still users out there who do not really fancy a messaging app that is as powerful as the Messenger app.

Facebook Lite Messenger | How to Download

And so, with this fact, the Facebook social media site has designed and introduced the Facebook Lite Messenger. 

Have you ever heard of or come across this before? you may have not because of this particular chat app, as it is not as famous as the regular messenger chat app. 
But I bet you that when you get to know about this app, you will surely find yourself craving to be a part of this platform.
What Is Facebook Lite Messenger? 
The Facebook Lite Messenger is a chat messaging app that has to do with only the central part of the messenger app.

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With this lite messenger, you are able to send and receive messages, share photos and videos, engage in video calls with other users on the platform and engage in so much more. And the best part of this app is that it does not consume more space, data and time like the regular messenger app. 
It is more focused, consumes less data, less power, less space, and less strength. With this app, you are sure to focus on just one thing – and that is messaging! 
How Does the Facebook Lite Messenger Work? 
This Facebook Lite Messenger also works just like the regular Messenger, but the only thing is that you only get the core features on the app and not just all features that are not needed.

On the app, you are presented with just three icons on the page, and these are the Home icon, the Contact list icon, and your Account Profile icon.

 When you want to begin a conversation with a friend, you will certainly find out it is just as same as the regular messenger chat app.

Using this app, you are able to send messages, audio messages, send and share photos and live videos, make use of fun stickers, emojis and GIFs to express yourself during conversations, engage in group chats with other users, make voice calls and video calls with the Facebook Lite Messenger and engage in so much more.
How to Download the Facebook Lite Messenger 
The Facebook Lite Messenger has been launched on Android and IOS devices. It has been made with amazing connections, features and low data usage.

It is smaller in size, it consumes less data, and runs faster than the main Facebook app. And for you to enjoy the amazing benefits of this app, you need to have the app installed into your compatible device.

Do you want to get started?

Then you have to read on.
For Android Devices 
1. Get on the Google Play store on your device.
2. At the top of the store page, type in “Facebook Lite Messenger” in the search box.
3. On the next page, a list of related chat apps will be shown to you. Click on the Facebook Lite Messenger.
4. Click on “Install”.
5. Next, you have to click on “Accept” to proceed with your download.
6. Once the download process is done, you can get started.

For iOS Devices 
1. Open your Apple app store.
2. On the store page, click on the search icon.
3. In the search box, click on “Facebook Lite Messenger”.
4. The app will be displayed to you on the next page.
5. Click on the “Get” button close to the app.
6. Once the download app is done, you can get started.

How to Login to Facebook Lite
Now, you have gotten the Facebook Lite Messenger, you have to login to it before you can be allowed to carry out any activity on the app.
So, here’s how to log in.
1. Open the Facebook Lite Messenger in your device.
2. Once the app is open, enter your email address or phone number.
3. Enter your password.
4. Click on Login.

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