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By Hakeem Sa'id

How to watch videos offline with a YouTube Downloader in 2021

Thanks to our handpicked selection of applications that can do exactly that, owning a collection of downloaded videos with a free YouTube downloader is easier than you think.

It’s a terrific alternative to use when you’re in an area with no 5G or Wi-Fi coverage, such as on a train, a plane, or during your work commute.

While YouTube Premium allows you to download videos, it only stores them within the app, but the list below allows you to save and publish them to whatever app you want.

However, if you want to convert any of them to an MP3, for example, see our list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters.

The best YouTube downloader right now is :
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the most remarkable of all the YouTube downloaders we’ve tried. It can convert videos to almost any format, rip content off DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and even make your own. It can also handle 4K content with ease. It isn’t free, unlike the tools listed below, but there isn’t a more powerful tool available.

Download YouTube videos to a Windows PC

1. Get 4K Video Downloader

Begin by downloading and installing 4K Video Downloader on your Windows PC to download YouTube videos. This multi-functional program is absolutely free and can download entire playlists as well as 360-degree and 3D videos. When it’s finished, check the ‘Launch’ box and click ‘Finish.’

2. Copy and paste the video URL

Open your web browser, navigate to the YouTube video you wish to download, and copy the URL from the address bar. Then, in 4K Video Downloader, go to the top left and click the green ‘Paste Link’ icon.

The software will retrieve video information and present you with a number of quality alternatives. These will vary based on the original video’s quality, however if 4K is available, the software can download YouTube videos in that format.

3. Choose the quality and format

You may use 4K Video Downloader to download entire YouTube videos or simply the audio. Select your favorite option from the left-hand drop-down menu, then select a format from the right-hand menu. For our videos, we recommend MP4 because it provides a nice mix of quality and file size – plus it works on almost every device.

Then decide on your quality. We recommend selecting the maximum resolution for playback on your TV or PC, but keep in mind that this will take longer and take up more space. Fortunately, you can see how much space it will require by looking at the predicted file size on the left.

You can also choose where the downloaded video should be saved using the ‘Browse’ button at the bottom. Once you’re happy, click ‘Download’.

4. Download the YouTube video

You will now be able to download the YouTube video. If the creator’s channel has other videos, 4K Video Downloader will ask if you want to download those as well. It may simultaneously download up to 24 videos.

You may find the video in the destination folder after it has finished downloading, or right-click it in 4K Video Downloader and select ‘Play’. The video will remain in this list until you choose to delete it, even if you close and restart the app, unless you change the settings.

5. Try Smart Mode

Smart Mode is a good option if you frequently download videos in the same format. This automatically remembers and loads your download preferences. When you click the lightbulb icon in the top right, the URL will be downloaded quickly with the last settings you made the next time you paste it into 4K Video Downloader.

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