Does black widow and captain America relationship

Does black widow and captain America relationship

MCU: 5 Ways Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanoff Would Be A Good Couple (& 5 Ways They’re Better As Friends)

People in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase, like most other fandoms, want to see certain partnerships develop. For some fans, shipping is a huge part of their fandom, and some of the most popular pairings are often between characters that never meet in the canon. Steve and Natasha are both shipped in a number of partnerships in the MCU because they are prominent and popular characters, and it’s also highly typical for them to be romantically shipped together.

Some followers, on the other hand, adore their friendship and regard them as friends. Both of these interpretations of their connection make sense, and there are good reasons why they should stay friends as well as why they’d make a fantastic romantic couple.

5 Friends: Because Friendship Between Men And Women Is Rare On-Screen

While there’s nothing wrong with romantic partnerships, the media portrays much more heterosexual relationships than male-female friendships. A male and female partnership appears to be expected to be amorous rather than platonic.

It’s crucial to recognize that men and women can be close friends without becoming romantically involved. Audiences need to see more of this type of healthy representation.

4 Couple: Many Romances In Film Start As Friendships

While some male-female romantic partnerships in movies appear to spring up out of nowhere, Steve and Natasha plainly have a solid foundation. They’re pals, which is how many real-life love relationships begin.

Friendship allows you to get to know someone and grow to trust and rely on them, which can transfer into a really healthy and loving romantic relationship. But, of course, some friendships are better than others.

3 Friends: They Had Too Many Love Interests Already

Things would have been different if the MCU had taken these characters in other directions sooner. But, as it is currently in canon, having them date each other would have been a bit much.

Of course, this isn’t to say that fans can’t or shouldn’t imagine alternate narratives, but having Steve have three love interests, or even more if you add Bucky and Sam, would be excessive. Natasha was also depicted as a possible love interest to far too many of the male characters.

2 Couple: Because Their Kiss Had Chemistry

These two appear to be great friends, yet there is obviously some chemistry between them. It’s debatable if they had sensuous chemistry or not, but when they kiss, they appear to have greater attraction to each other than Steve did with either Sharon or Peggy.

While some may disagree, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are real-life friends, which translates to them being at ease in front of the camera.

1 Friends: They Offered Each Other Emotional Support

The way Steve and Natasha communicate with one another might be construed in a variety of ways depending on how their relationship is viewed, but Steve and Natasha converse and react like best friends would.

They communicate with each other in a direct yet compassionate manner, and they support each other in a way that reads more like best friends than lovers. They make wonderful friends, whether Natasha consoles Steve after learning about the Winter Soldier or Steve listens to Natasha at Sam Wilson’s house.

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