Dating in America Vs Australia

Dating in America Vs Australia

6 Things I Learned From Dating an Australian

My Australian girlfriend and I have been together for five years. So, yeah, it’s been a long time. And while I adore Australians, let me tell you that there are several aspects of dating an Australian man that I found to be vastly different from dating an American. Nothing wrong with it; it’s simply different. It could be a cultural issue, or it could be the whole “you always want what you can’t have” thing, but I adore dating Australians.

I’ve always thought American guys were a little too aggressive when it came to attracting females. The American lads enjoy playing video games with girls, particularly the grinding aspect? Yuck. In Australia, the flirting/hooking up scene was very different! And what about the drinking culture? Americans drink to get drunk and go out, whereas Australians like a beer with nearly anything and drink because they enjoy the taste (even if they do get blasted in the process!). Also, the idea of “live to work – work to live” is vastly different in the two societies.

Anyway, let’s be honest, my man fits the Aussie stereotypes: blonde hair, surfer, beach bum, cooks a mean BBQ, enjoys a good beer, and commutes to work on a kangaroo! Only kidding, he isn’t a big beer drinker…. He is, nevertheless, a top bloke. (Are you impressed by my use of Australian slang? (I’m sure you are!) Anyway, I adore dating an Australian for the following reasons:

1. I don’t actually know any of his friends real names

“Muzza”, “Jordo”, “Pinky”, “Lawz”, “Smithy”. What ever happened to names like “John”, “Tom” and “Mike”? But seriously? It’s weird.

2. He is fearless to pathetic puny American standard insects

I shriek when I see a spider. “That’s it?” replies the Aussie when he sees the spider. Everyone knows that Australia is home to some scary and dangerous creatures that are out to kill you, therefore the little and unintimidating insects here are nothing compared to the Aussies. And, hey, when he catches a spider, he can easily pass himself off as my hero!

3. Not having meat in a meal is unacceptable

Yes, there are vegetarian Australians, but after dating my Aussie and meeting most of his friends, I realized that every meal required some type of meat (usually BBQ), or it would be considered an appetizer. I once planned to surprise my husband with a lovely bean soup for dinner, only to be met with the phrase “but where’s the chicken?” He literally went out and got roasted chicken, then put it in my soup and said, “So there you have it. That’s quite a dinner!” I’ve learned my lesson.

4. Americans love his accent

Obviously, I am one of the Americans who is smitten by his accent, but the Aussie will stroll to the bar, smile at someone (nicely, not flirtatiously), and they will nod and return to their group. It’s as if someone just yelled “FREE NUTELLA!!!” the moment he starts speaking. Everyone is looking at him — “Is that a British accent I’m hearing? Where are you from, OMG?” Please excuse me, but he’s mine. Please turn around.

5. Speaking of accents, anything he says always sounds better

I’m very sure I haven’t paid attention to anything the Aussie has said to this day. With that accent, I get too sidetracked. I’m here like **whimper** That was hot, kiss me now! *blushing* He can say, “I just made a few cheese curds in my pants while kissing a whale,” and I’m here like

6. If you don’t know footy well, just support the same team he does

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