Dating by Facebook

Dating by Facebook

How to use Facebook Dating

While not many people use Facebook Dating, it is a viable choice for those who don’t want to download yet another dating app or create a profile from scratch.

Here are all of the instructions for setting it up.

How to find Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is accessed through the Facebook app, which you most likely already have on your phone. (Dating is only available on the company’s iOS or Android apps; it is not available on the company’s website.)

Navigate to the Menu in the bottom right corner of the Facebook app. On the upper right of the screen, there will be a dating option:

On the upper right, select Dating.
If you haven’t already done so, Facebook will prompt you to create a Dating profile. There’s not much you can do on this front because Facebook already has images and some information about you, but you can alter the information whatever you want.

In your profile, the app asks you some additional questions, such as your interests (sports, hobbies), whether you have children, and your height:

Set up your match choices next. You can select these people based on their age, gender identity, height (if that’s important to you), languages spoken, and distance from you. You can also specify someone’s educational level, whether or not they have children, and religious convictions.

Facebook, like other dating apps like Bumble, asks what you’re looking for in a partner. Unlike Bumble, you have the option of selecting many options, which include “chatting” and “friendship.”

You’re ready to start matching once you’ve completed your profile. Facebook borrowed Tinder’s swipe feature: swipe left to hate, swipe right to like. To see more of someone’s profile, scroll down.

You can see if someone has mutual friends with you by looking at their profile. Facebook Dating also includes some extra features, such as matching with people who have attended the same events as you or giving someone you’ve passed up a second chance. Scroll down on the app’s initial Dating page to find them:

You can choose up to nine of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers to have a secret crush on using the Secret Crush function. They’ll be told that someone added them as a hidden crush in the app, and if you’ve both added each other as crushes, your names will be disclosed if you’ve both added each other as crushes.

The Facebook Dating experience

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Facebook Dating as much as I did. The profile settings allow you to more fully express who you are and what you’re searching for than other apps I’ve used, and Second Look and Secret Crush are features I hadn’t seen before.

Facebook Dating uses swiping in the same way that Tinder, Bumble, and a slew of other apps do, so the learning curve isn’t too steep.

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