Best Air Quality Monitoring Apps for Android and iOS (2021)

Best Air Quality Monitoring Apps for Android and iOS (2021)

Best Air Quality Monitoring Apps for Android and iOS (2021)

Pollution levels are steadily increasing. Due to frightening levels of pollution in metropolitan places, breathing pure air has become impossible. According to a recent WHO (World Health Organization) report, more than 80% of the urban population around the world does not have access to clean air. For city dwellers, the situation has deteriorated to an alarming level. In developing countries like China and India, the situation is far worse. Finding appropriate air quality for outdoor physical activities has become increasingly difficult. Air Quality Monitoring Apps can help you plan your activities so that they have the least amount of impact on your health.

The majority of the population is affected by rising pollution, but children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Pollutants such as particulate matter, such as PM 2.5 and PM 10, are a major source of pollution in poor countries. In developed countries, main pollutants include sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Pollution has both short- and long-term consequences on citizens.

Short and long term effects on health

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Chest Pain
  • Sore throat
  • Nasal congestion
  • Cancer
  • Lung tissue damage
  • Asthma

For many contaminants, allowable limits have been established. These restrictions, on the other hand, are set in accordance with local environmental conditions. PM2.5 has a value of 10UG/M3, PM10 has a value of 20UG/M3, O3 has a value of 100UG/M3, NO2 has a value of 40UG/M3, and SO2 has a value of 20UG/M3.

We’ve compiled a collection of apps that will allow users to monitor pollution levels in their immediate environment. The apps will not only give you information about your city’s pollution levels, but they will also show you how other cities’ air quality compares. Apps for both iOS and Android are included in the list.

List of best Air Quality monitoring Apps


It’s the most important service for measuring, maintaining, and monitoring air pollution at the city level. The app has a large following in cities all around the world. AirVisual also sells air monitoring units at a low price in addition to the app. Airvisual operates a number of data-gathering stations. Each Airvisual gadget serves as a data collection center in its own right.

Following a successful selection of the current location, AirVisual retrieves pollution statistics from the nearest center. There is also the option to manually enter the location of your choice. The user can obtain information on several contaminants as well as the location’s overall AQI. To maintain reliable data, AirVisual also gathers pollutant information from official websites. It also makes excellent use of historical data by presenting it in a visually appealing manner utilizing graphs.


By simply installing the Breezometer, people may avoid breathing bad air. You may set up custom alarms for air quality, weather, and fires using the app. Where air quality monitoring is not practicable, they make effective use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to calculate precise real-time air quality.

It’s a personal assistant that protects our families and friends from dirty air and other dangerous materials in the environment. It assists us in determining the optimal time to engage in outdoor activities that have little or no negative impact on our health. Breezometer provides a complete examination of your air quality in over 92 countries.

Breezometer is notable for providing real-time air quality maps, fire alarms, and daily pollen information for weed, tree, and grass pollens. Aside from air quality data, the app also provides weather forecasts so that you can plan accordingly. The user can customize health advice such as the ideal workout route, trip planning assistance, and when to play outside. For parents and teenagers, the elegant UI provides a natural experience. Athletes, bikers, runners, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts will benefit from it.

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