America’s most popular dating app

America's most popular dating app

The Most Popular Dating Apps In 2018 Among Singles In America

When it comes to dating apps, there are a variety of options available, such as swiping right or left, having a brief profile versus a lengthier one, answering questions about yourself that potential matches may view, and so on. Things might get a little difficult when it comes to deciding which dating app to use. Sure, you can sign up for all of them, but as your phone fills up with matches or messages, that becomes overwhelming. Fortunately, a recent poll of singles in the United States has revealed the most popular dating apps of 2018, which can save you a lot of time the next time you’re deciding which ones to download.

ReportLinker, a technology company, polled 501 online respondents in the United States aged 18 to 64 who said they were single, widowed, or divorced. In terms of the popularity of dating apps, people who date online stated they use an average of 2.4 websites. Of course, everyone has different reasons for going online — some may just want a hookup, while others are looking for a long-term relationship.

They also observed that people went online for a variety of reasons: 60% claimed they were looking for real love, 41% said they were looking for new acquaintances, and 34% said they were looking for hookups. All of this being said, they also discovered which dating apps were being used, so get your phone ready to download some — or all — of them.

1. Tinder

Tinder was named the most popular dating app, with 42 percent of those polled mentioning it.

That percentage was much higher among Millennials, with 70% of them admitting to using it. And it’s easy to understand why: the app is constantly introducing new and exciting features, such as allowing users to name their favorite song as their “anthem” and the opportunity to “Super Like” someone.

2. Match

Match was ranked second in ReportLinker’s findings, with 32 percent of mentions. Match, like other of its online competitors, distinguishes itself by displaying where you and another user crossed paths in real life via their “Missed Connections” function. If you happen to run into each other at a bookshop, for example, you’ve already established a shared interest, which is a good start.

3. PlentyOfFish

With 26% of mentions, PlentyOfFish (POF) made the top four applications and came in third place as the most popular dating app. Unlike many other dating apps, POF does not need you to connect your Facebook account. As a result, you can remain anonymous by using a pseudonym rather than your real name, which has its own set of advantages.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid (OKC), which earned 25% of mentions, rounded out the top four dating applications. One new feature of the app is that users will no longer be able to create usernames. Instead, you should call yourself by your first name. OKC is also known for its odd inquiries, such as “Is it OK to answer your cell phone when out with a friend or on a date?” As you can expect, they’re great discussion starters.

So there you have it: 2018’s most popular dating apps. What are you waiting for if you haven’t tried all four of the above? In any event, no matter whatever app you choose, have fun matching/swiping/dating.

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