Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners Buying Guide

Air Conditioners Buying Guide

This is a guide to assist you in your search for an air conditioner. We’ve included some helpful information regarding the essential factors to keep in mind if you want to buy the best air conditioner (AC) for your needs.

What Room Space / Building Type

It is necessary to know the dimensions and size of the room or structure to be conditioned before purchasing an air conditioner. A measurement of the room’s size can aid in determining the size of the air conditioner necessary.

The larger the room, the more air conditioning capacity is necessary. You must take this information about the space to the electronic store.

The type of structure you live in may also influence the sort of air conditioner you purchase.

If you require air cooling in a large building with many rooms, a central air conditioner may be a better option than buying multiple units of Windows or Split unit air conditioners.

If you want to buy a floor standing air conditioner, you must first figure out where it will be installed. Take a measurement of the maximum space available for the air conditioner and bring it with you to the electronics store. Purchase floor-standing air conditioners that will fit in the designated area.

If you want to buy window air conditioners, you should first measure the size of the window. Take your measurement to the electronic store with you. Make sure the AC’s dimensions will fit into your window with minimal or no civil construction.

What Type and Use

There are various types of air conditioners available nowadays. You must first determine the type of air conditioner you require. The use will determine the type of air conditioner.

Air conditioners are divided into two categories. These are the ones.

  • Unit Air Conditioners
  • Central Cooling System (Central Air Conditioners)

Unit Self-contained air conditioners are available. It can run on its own once it’s been installed. This is the type of air conditioner you’ll find in most homes.

Unit air conditioners are used in small and medium-sized homes that do not require many air conditioning stations. If only a few air conditioning stations are required, they are more cost-effective.

As the number of cooling points required grows, the benefits of a remotely (or centrally) operated cooling system become clear.

Vents replace unit air conditioners in a central cooling system. After that, the vents are linked to a central cooling system. In larger homes, central air conditioning is used.

You will not be interested in a central cooling air conditioning system if you live in a regular apartment or a small house.

Unit Air Conditioners will pique your curiosity. The following are the several types of unit air conditioners:

Windows Air Conditioners

Window-mounted air conditioners are the most common type of unit air conditioner. They are available in a variety of capacities, ranging from 5,000 to 12,000 BTU.

A windows air conditioner, depending on its capacity, can cool rooms ranging from 10 to 60 square meters pleasantly.

These air conditioners are typically cubic in shape, although they are gradually taking on more appealing shapes. Window air conditioners are mounted on the window, as the name suggests.

The price fluctuates from 100,000 and 550,000 Naira. For the most up-to-date models and prices on Windows Air Conditioners, click here.

Split Unit Air Conditioners

High-wall split air conditioners are also available. These models are called split units because, unlike single-unit Windows air conditioners, split units have two units (an indoor unit and an outdoor unit).

The two units are joined by a hole made in one of the outer walls. Split air conditioners allow air conditioning to be installed without blocking your windows.

The units range in price from 105,000 Naira to 1,950,000 Naira. For the most up-to-date Split Unit Air Conditioner models and prices, visit our website.

Floor Standing Air Conditioners (a.k.a. Portable Air Conditioners)

Floor standing air conditioners (also known as portable air conditioners) are air conditioners that are fixed on the ground. Despite the fact that they are termed portable air conditioners, they are quite large.

Their portability stems from the fact that they are not fastened (or affixed) to a wall or window, allowing them to readily move around the space. Some may even have wheels to make moving around easier.

The cost of these portable devices varies between 320,000 and 1,950,000 Naira. For the most up-to-date models and prices on Floor Standing Air Conditioners, click here.

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