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www.facebook.com | Facebook Blueprint Certification: Are you interested in learning more about Facebook advertisement products and services? 
Do you advertise your brand or business on Facebook? 
Advertisers have to gain more knowledge in order to get used to the digital era in the world today. 
www.facebook.com | Facebook Blueprint Certification
They also need to have advantages among all other competitions and add their qualifications to their resume by using Facebook Blueprint Certification.

Facebook recently brought up this Blueprint Certification in September 2016. This program provides certifications for advertisers using the digital medium.

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There are two main certifications launched by Facebook, they are; Facebook certified Buying Professional and Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

Facebook Blueprint certification is a program that helps you walk through every part of digital advertising.

Divided into different courses, this program allows you to improve your business or brand via a set of free and designed courses. This program is suitable for both small-scale businesses and large-scale enterprises.

Reasons You Need Facebook Blueprint Certification 
Today, there are so many ways enterprises and companies can advertise their brands and products on Facebook.

When businesses are getting started on Facebook advertising, they can do it themselves! But a company needs an expert.

Whether they need a full-time marketer to manage their Facebook advertisements or they need someone who works for different companies on a particular assignment, you will definitely have so many individuals to choose from.

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In order to find someone who will meet your every need, you have to get a marketer who possesses a Facebook Blueprint Certification.

Key Benefits of Facebook Blueprint Certification 
No matter the position you hold in the advertising industry, this certification is the ultimate edge you need.

Because it helps digital advertising experts know to identify their differences in the competitive market, and it gives them a better understanding of the Facebook advertising platform.

Some benefits of this program are;

1. High boost to your business and brand.
This certification program showcases your skills in specific careers which boosts your marketing strategies and helps your enterprise get the recognition that leads to profit.

Some of the skills you gain knowledge of in this program are;
– Facebook advertisements.
– Messenger advertisements.
– Instagram advertisements.
– Buying and planning on Facebook.

2. Certified knowledge of career-related skills.

As a digital advertiser or marketer, you can allow your credential to get verified by this certification program so you can get high business opportunities.

It helps to be outstanding among all other competitions as an expert who possesses certified knowledge in the Facebook marketing system.

3. Easy recognition via badges. 
After you are done with your certification examinations, Facebook gives you a badge. You can place this badge anywhere of your choice; it could be on your Facebook pages or groups, your resumes, your website, your email and so on.

You can also share this badge online which will help people recognize your brand in the digital advertisement or marketing.

How to Get the Facebook Blueprint Certification
Before you get certified, you have to go through exams or tests. And these exams need to be passed with an excellent score of 700 or higher.

Just like a normal school exam, it is under supervision. Once you log in to your exam session, you will be checked; your identity will be verified, to confirm that you are for the exams.

Your exams will start and you will be supervised until the exams are over. A digital badge is awarded to anyone who passes these exams.

These exams last for 75 minutes and it tests your knowledge in managing programs like; creating and making use of Facebook advertisements, and skill in advertising purposes, Facebook digital planners, target the audiences and the buyers’ role.

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What you can get certified for; There are two main certifications you can get. They are:
– Facebook Certified Buying Professional.
– Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

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