Who Visited My Facebook Profile Today

Who Visited My Facebook Profile Today

Who Visited My Facebook Profile Today: Most persons do not know it is possible to see who viewed your Facebook account.

Sometimes this can be very useful if you operate a business account.

On other social connectivity platforms like LinkedIn, you get a detailed notification about those who viewed your profile.

See: Facebook marketplace

This really helps to know that you are being seen on the platform.

Apparently, Facebook does the same for Facebook Pages but the question still remains,

Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Account? And the answer is a big “YES” you can.

I know you don’t like people spying on you or stalking you so check out how you can find those doing this to you.

View Who Viewed Your Facebook Account/Profile

As said in the first paragraph, it is possible to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

It is really tactical but if you follow these steps closely, you won’t miss out on it.

So don’t miss me now. Here is how it is done;

Login in to your Facebook Account
Head straight to your Facebook Profile
Go to the empty space on the left-hand side of your cover photo
Right Click and
Click “View Page Source”
Some codes would be displayed on your screen
Press “Control+F”
An imputation bar will come up
Inside, input the statement “InitialChatFriendsList”

After that, you will receive some numbers in sequence

NOTE: Those numbers are the identification of your friends

Since they are arranged in sequence, you can copy any of them
Get back to your Profile Page and in your URL bar, Input facebook.com/code (Code i.e., the number you copied)
Then Click “Enter”

This will automatically display the profile of the person.

You can do this on and on and on just by copying the numbers and following the same process.

To find the person who viewed your profile the most, copy the first number in the arranged sequence and still follow the same steps.

That is it on Who Visited My Facebook Profile Today.

I believe the article was helpful.

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