Top 5 highest paying jobs in Nigeria right now

Top 5 highest paying jobs in Nigeria right now

What are the most profitable careers in Nigeria? With a meager minimum wage of 30,000 NGN and the naira no longer being one of Africa’s strongest currencies, many Nigerians are concerned about the availability of well-paying jobs.

If you’re tired of using Nigerian loan apps, which is a common thing to do, and you want to live well on your salary, one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria may be the best choice for you.

All of these jobs are in high demand in Nigeria, and they all pay well. This page also talks about jobs that pay well in Nigeria that don’t require a degree.

The jobs in Nigeria that pay the most are:

1. Petroleum engineer

Nigeria’s economy is based on oil and gas, so petroleum engineering, which involves finding and developing oil deposits, is the best paying job in the country.

Nigeria produced the most oil in Africa in Q1 2022, with an average of 1.49 million barrels per day. The best people in this field could make up to 6 million NGN per month (72 million p.a).

Most of the time, they are asked to work on offshore facilities (which are out at sea) or on land. Their work focuses on the different parts of oil extraction, such as finding deposits, drilling, setting up, making oil, researching it, and processing it.

Petroleum engineers have the highest-paying job in Nigeria. They come up with the operational plan, design and manage the equipment, look into the best ways to do things, and make sure safety rules are followed.

But it is very hard for regular people, no matter how smart they are, to get into the upper levels of the petroleum industry in Nigeria, at least legally.

2. Entrepreneur

Since Aliko Dangote, the richest person in Africa, got rich by running a business, entrepreneurship is the second highest paying job in Nigeria.

The National Bureau of Statistics says that Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are responsible for about 80% of the jobs in Nigeria and make up about half of the country’s GDP.

An entrepreneur is a business owner who works for themselves and takes on all of the company’s responsibilities. They have to pay for projects out of their own money, and this is known as the best paying job in Nigeria that doesn’t require a degree.

As the head of the business, the entrepreneur is in charge of the business strategy, marketing plans, and budget. Because of this, it is one of the best-paying jobs in Nigeria. This person has to gather human, financial, and physical resources every day to move forward.

Before starting a business or buying one, an entrepreneur needs to do a market analysis to see if what he wants to do is viable and possible. Then, he writes a business plan with the following parts:

  • to the company’s purpose;
  • the legal character of the administration of the organisation;
  • competitive evaluation;
  • marketing and advertising strategy;
  • financial predictions;
  • the funding strategy.

The entrepreneur will show his project plan to potential investors, such as banks, top venture capital firms, and possible business partners. He or she may also directly ask loan platforms for funding.

There may be problems at the start of the project, such as the risk of being rejected, failing, or going bankrupt, and there may be little money coming in. But you should keep at it because the average return on investment is pretty high, making it one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria.

3. Remote worker

Some of the best-paying jobs in Nigeria are in fields that can be done from home, like software development, programming, journalism, and writing.

One of the most important things about work in the 21st century is being able to do tasks outside of a corporate setting.

Since jobs in Europe and the United States pay the most in the world, Nigerians who work from home can access this market from the comfort of their own homes.

A worker at a website-based company, like the Daily Mail or BBC, makes an average of 38 million NGN per year. In contrast, even the smallest companies abroad pay programmers and software developers more than 45 million NGN.

Many businesses have shown that it is no longer necessary for their employees to clock in and be in the same place for the business to do well. Because of this, a lot of people now work from home.

Remote work, also called “teleworking,” is when you do professional tasks from a distance using technology to get things done and talk to your coworkers. This has turned out to be one of the best jobs in Nigeria for people with limited time and mobility, like housewives.

Companies and employees are choosing to work from home more and more, not only because it’s more convenient but also because it saves money and time. It also lets you set your own hours, which is something that employees around the world value more and more.

4. Musician

The 4th best-paying job in Nigeria is in music, which is one of the fastest-growing non-government industries in the world. This job earns an average of $2,200 per million views or plays on streaming services alone, and the richest musicians make a lot more than that with add-ons, bonuses, and endorsement deals.

Musicians can specialize in opera, jazz, rock, a wide range of styles, or afrobeat, which is typical of the area. The musician interprets a repertoire, which lets him figure out his style and audience based on an aesthetic sense that makes sure the works are being interpreted correctly.

So, musicians have to practice every day to keep and improve their vocal range, range of expression, vocal tone, physical strength, and technique.

Their schedule is made up of rehearsals, studio recordings, live shows, and promotional activities like radio and TV interviews, events, etc.

To get the most out of this high-paying job in Nigeria that doesn’t require a degree, musicians must always look at their work and commit to technical and artistic growth.

Musicians need to keep a steady schedule of auditions, rehearsals, and performances if they want to have a successful career. Nigerians who want to go this route need to know what the best singers drink to have the best voices.

A musician’s daily activities include, among other things, frequent travel, regional tours, recitals, TV performances, and festivals.

5. Aeronautical maintenance engineer

Aeronautical maintenance engineers have the fifth best-paying job in Nigeria. They are in charge of maintaining commercial and military planes, helicopters, space launches, satellites, and missiles.

In today’s globalized industry, teams are made up of people from different countries. To stay on the cutting edge of technology, you need to keep learning new things.


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