SWFT Blockchain: How SWFT Coin Works

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SWFT Blockchain is a faster and safer platform for transferring funds with a “one-stop cross-chain” transfer solution.

SWFT mission is to enable blockchain 3.0 by reducing frictions in the token economy – simpler, faster, safer. 

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“New World, New Money.” SWFT Blockchain is a “Next-Generation Blockchain Global Transfer Agreement.” SWFT focus on integrating the world’s major exchanges and blockchains to effectively hedge risks and provide customers with an efficient and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency transfers.

SWFT Blockchain: How SWFT Coin Works

SWFT Blockchain’s patent-pending cross-chain transfer algorithms increase the speed of transactions while supporting advanced cloud storage solutions and decentralized crypto transfers, safeguarding users from theft.

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Using AI, deep learning, big data, and the blockchain technology, we reduce the cost of cryptocurrency exchanges significantly. Unlike the expensive traditional methods, our exchange platform provides users with transparent, low fees.

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