Can I Really Send Money Through Messenger | Facebook Messenger Payment – FB Messenger

Can I Really Send Money Through Messenger | Facebook Messenger Payment – FB Messenger

Can I Really Send Money Through Messenger | Facebook Messenger Payment – FB Messenger: This tutorial teaches how to send money to someone on facebook messenger.

So if you are a facebook messenger user and wondering if you can send money via messenger, this article has gotten you covered.

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Wouldn’t You Find It Really Awesome If There Was A Way You Could Send And Receive Money With Your Facebook Friends? Well, There Is A Way! With Facebook Messenger, You Can Do A Whole Lot More Than Chat, Share Files, And Even Make Voice And Video Calls.

It Has Now Made It Comfortable For You To Send And Receive Money Without Having To Step Out Of Facebook Messenger.

While PayPal And Other Online Money Transfer Mediums Are Great, Facebook Messenger Offers A Package Deal And For Those Who Spend A Sizeable Amount Of Their Day On Facebook, It Is Much More Convenient.

Pros Of Using Facebook Messenger Payment

  1. It Is Absolutely Free, There Are Virtually No Charges Attached To Sending And Receiving Money Using Facebook Messenger Payment.
  2. You Need To Have An Ongoing Chat With The Person You’re Sending Money To. So, It Is Not Possible For A Stranger Or Someone You’re Not Friends With.
  3. Messenger Payment Is Password-Protected, So You Can Set A Password Unique To You Or Use Your Fingerprint For Security Measures To Protect Your Every Transaction On Facebook Messenger Payment.

Cons Of Using Facebook Messenger Payment

  1. Just As There’s A Good Side, There’s Also A Less Pleasant Side To Using Facebook Messenger Payment They Include:
  2. You Must Be Eighteen (18) Years And Above To Make Use Of This Payment Method
  3. Facebook Messenger Payment Does Not Work In All Countries Around The World. Unfortunately, Their Wings Only Extend As Far As The United States, The United Kingdom, And France.
  4. You Can’t Cancel A Payment Once You Make Them Except The Receiver Decides To Reject The Payment.

How To Send Money Via Messenger Payment

It’s A Pretty Easy Process Sending Money To Friends Through Messenger.

You Must Already Know The Basic Things Required Like A Phone With A Good Internet Connection And Most Definitely, You Must Have A Facebook Account.

If You Follow The Steps Listed Below, Then You’ll Be Sending That Money To Your Friend In No Time At All.

Send Money Using Messenger

  • First Of All, You Cannot Send Money With No Source Provided For The Money, So You’ll Need To Provide Your Debit Card Details. You Can Either Provide These Details While Making A Payment Or Provide Them Beforehand. To-Do This, Simply Open Your Messenger App And Scroll Down To The Payment Setting. Once You Click On This, You’d Be Asked To Input Your Card Details And Other Additional Information.
  • Secondly, It Is Advised That You Set A Pin To Avoid Payments Not Authorized By You. Also, It Gives You A Chance To Recheck Your Transaction Details Before It Is Sent. This Option Is Optional If You Do Want To Set Up A Pin, Simply Tap On ‘Pin’ In The Payment Setting And Set Up A 4 Digit Pin. You Would Be Required To Input It Twice In Order To Confirm Before Setting It Up.
  • Once You’ve Updated Your Payment Settings, You’re Well On Your Way To Sending That Money. Next, You Have To Open A Chat With The Friend You Want To Send Money To. If You Don’t Have An Existing Chat, Then You Will Need To Start One. Once You Open The Chat, Tap The Blue Plus Sign Located At The Bottom Of The Screen And Click On ‘Payment’ Which Will Appear Among The Options Provided.
  • Next, It Will Provide You With A Field Where You Simply Enter The Amount You Would Like To Send And Also What The Money Is For. The Field For The Reason For The Payment Is Optional, So You Can Choose To Ignore It.
  • Next, Tap The ‘Pay’ Button Located At The Top Right Corner Of Your Screen To Send The Money. Input Your Pin If You Did Set Up One And Voila, You Just Made Your First Messenger Payment.

How To Receive A Payment From Messenger Payment

When Someone Pays You Money Through Messenger Payment, Then You Are Sure To Receive A Notification Asking You To Accept The Payment By Providing Your Debit Card Information.

If You’re Not Expecting Any Payment, You Can Simply Decline By Not Providing Your Card Information But If You Want To Receive The Money, Simply Input Your Credit Card Information By Following Step One In ‘How To Make A Payment On Facebook Messenger Payment’ And The Money Will Be Paid Into The Account Linked To Your Debit Card.

Facebook Messenger Payment Ultimately Makes Life A Lot Easier For Everyone But Just Like Every Other Service, Facebook Messenger Payment Is Quite Susceptible To Hackers And Scammers, So Be Quite Careful When A Friend Suddenly Requests Money On Facebook Out Of The Blues And Also, Keep Your Password Safe.

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