Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace | How to Sell on Fb

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Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace | How to Sell on Fb: Do you have an ecommerce business and want to reach a large audience so you can increase sales? 
Facebook has a feature that lets you market your goods and services on Marketplace.

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That is why I titled this post: Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace | How to Sell on Fb. Are you aware that two billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family, and to discover things that matter?

Selling your stuff on Facebook Marketplace helps you find new customers and build lasting relationships with them.

This post is all about how to sell on FB. Continue reading below:

Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace | How to Sell on Fb

Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace | How to Sell on Fb – Facebook marketplace you see is the official recognized webpage for selling item on Facebook. This common platform as it would seem is one of the reasons why Facebook is populated today.

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I mean like you find a selling platform just like this with a lot of population and you know at the right price, you are sure to get a lot of buyers, wouldn’t you be interested so you can earn more money.

Is Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace Safe: Selling Stuff on Facebook marketplace has been around for quite a while now and there are some restrictions in using the platform.

Some of these restrictions are that you can in no way access the Facebook marketplace if you are not up to eighteen years.

You can learn more about the restrictions of the Facebook marketplace from the Facebook official help center webpage.

With all these security steps in place, I would say selling stuff on the Facebook marketplace is entirely safe and secure but at least to an extent. Out of hundred, I would rate it ninety.

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Creating a Facebook Account: A Facebook account is very easy and simple to create. However, there could be some complications but there is no need to worry because, in the step below, I will show you how you can create an account.

1. Go to the official Facebook website of which its URL is You can seek this URL from ay device web browser that is internet connected.

2. On the website, if there is any account signed in, you will have to sign it out to continue with the creation process.

3. Now, click on the icon indicating you can create an account on the Facebook homepage after logging out your account.

4. Enter the details you are asked to provide from the next screen and click on the next icon. Sometimes as a substitute for this next icon you can find a continue icon.

5. On the next step, I believe you will be asked to input your contact details. Simply input them in the specified boxes and confirm them by completing the challenge you are given.

Now, that is all for creating a Facebook account to start selling stuff on Facebook marketplace. If you follow all of the steps above carefully, you will be instantly logged in on your Facebook account and directed to your newsfeed.

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Start Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace: To start selling stuff on Facebook marketplace you have to make sure your Facebook account is already logged in. once it is logged in;
– Click on the marketplace column by the left column of your Facebook newsfeed. However, this might only appear on desktops or PC.
You will have to find another way to do so if you are using a mobile device but a quick hint here is that you can find this icon in the menu of your Facebook account.
– Secondly, click on the sell something icon and then on item for sale.
– Now, enter a title for your listing and then the price and location. Also, add a category to your product and a description if you desire.
– Add some photos that best describe your item and click on the post icon.

That is it for selling on the Facebook marketplace. You can follow the procedure above and carry it out for any item you wish to post for sale.

Mark an item as Sold after Selling on Facebook Marketplace: Now, this is a custom step to carry out so that others will not be looking to buy your product when someone has already bought it.

To list an item as sole on the Facebook marketplace;
– Click on the marketplace link by the left column of your Facebook newsfeed while using a desktop. For mobile device users, you are likely to find this icon on your menu.
– Click on the selling tab on the left and click mark as sold next to the item you wish to mark as sold.

It is as easy as that to mark an item as sold while selling on the Facebook marketplace.

You can also re-list the item you have mark as sold by following the same steps vice-versa.

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