Sell On Facebook Page – How Do I Sell On Facebook Business Page

Do you want to figure out Sell On Facebook Page – How Do I Sell On Facebook Business Page? This post is all about how to do Facebook marketing via your business page.

The business now thrives a lot with Social Media. How to sell on the Facebook page is one major way of getting your products and services to prospective customers.

Sell On Facebook Page - How Do I Sell On Facebook Business Page

This selling is the Facebook service that lets you sell items on a Facebook page. If you think it is impossible or not, the fact is that many are already selling on Facebook page. It makes it easy to use and access and sell on your Facebook page.

You may ask yourself, why selling on a Facebook page? You sell on Facebook because is connects lots of people together in the same continent, country, state or locality together.

It has been used by many and it’s proven to be fast and reliable. Everyone knows, Facebook is a messaging, entertaining and information social media platform. It’s used by billions of people all over the world.

All these people as members on this platform, it is sure said that you can surely get your business to those people. The main thing right now is how to sell on a Facebook page.

Open a Facebook Account- How to sell on Facebook page 
Before you know how to sell on Facebook page, you need to open your Facebook account. This is the number one step you have to take on selling on this site. From your account, you can now create a business Facebook page.

It’s the Facebook account that enables you to also become a member of the Facebook site.

However, if you’re ready to begin on the service on selling items on a Facebook page, this account is very important.
1. Visit your account on the Facebook site
2. At the Facebook application page, fill in your details like your name
3. Enter your email or your mobile number
4. Key in your Facebook password for the account
5. key in your gender and date of birth is also required in this application
6. After this, click SIGN UP.

This is how the opening of your Facebook account goes. Follow the right instruction on the page. After this, you are ready, the account will be open.

How to Log in To Facebook 
Now, that your account is open, you still need to log to make use of your account.

Now, log in to make use of it.
1. open your Facebook account on and log in
2. Use Your email or phone number if needed
3. On a filling in your number/email and password, click LOG IN.

How to Sell on Facebook Page 
Having set up your Facebook account, you begin to sell items on a Facebook page. It’s either you sell on your own page, or you sell on other people’s page. Below are steps on how to sell on Facebook page.
1. Enter your Facebook account.
2. Use the search box on your account homepage and search for pages.
3. You’ll see list of pages, click on any page.
4. You’ll find a status box on the page. The box is tagged as Write a post…
5. Tap on it and fill in the information of the item you want to sell. Key in the name of item.
6. Item location 7. price tag of the item
8. The title/description of the item.
9. The, Are you done? POST.

After posting your items, Facebook will help you get your items directly to the buyers.

Facebook is not the seller of your items, it’ll only help you showcase the items that you want to sell. When you’re through with the posing, the item will be visible to people on Facebook.

Anyone that needs your products will get to you through the message or a comment on the post mostly if you attach your phone number.

Creating Your own Facebook Page 
On knowing how to sell on Facebook page, you’ll create and sell on your own page. So, you can sell on your page and other’s pages.

How to Log in to your account. 
1. From the top of your homepage, tap on CREATE.
2. At the pop-up menu, click on PAGE.
3. Select the type of page to open and start it.
4. Enter the name of your page
5. Fill in the category, location, and description of the page.
6. Enter other necessary information for your page and you can now post your items with the processes above.

That is it on Sell On Facebook Page – How Do I Sell On Facebook Business Page.

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