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paypal username

How to Change PayPal Name and Account Info

It’s difficult to go wrong with PayPal if you’re looking for a dependable online payment processor. They’re one among the simplest methods for making and accepting online payments.

They also provide a variety of features aimed at both individuals and corporations. PayPal can be used by anyone. It’s just as good for sending money to your friends as it is for high-volume invoicing.

However, if you’re going to do business with PayPal, you’ll want to show yourself in the best light possible. If you’re doing company under your own name, this implies you’ll have to use your genuine name. You’ll also want the business account to reflect your current business name if you’re a company.

So, what should you do if the name on your PayPal account is incorrect? Here’s a quick rundown.

How to Change Your Personal Name

Let’s start with what you should do if you have a personal account. You’ll need to go to PayPal’s account settings page to update your personal name. You’ll need to use your web browser for this. The PayPal mobile app does not allow you to change your name.

Now, next to your name, click the “Update” button. Three new alternatives will appear at that point. You can update your legal name, modify it, or make a small change.

If your legal name has genuinely changed, you have the option of changing it. For instance, if you married and took your spouse’s surname, or if you had your name legally altered.

For this type of change, PayPal demands documentation. Sending in government-issued photo identification is the simplest method. You’ll also need papers to prove the name change. A nice example is a marriage certificate. PayPal accepts documents in the following formats: PDF, JPG, and PNG. The file must be under 5MB in size and have a name no longer than 40 characters.

PayPal will examine your update request when you’ve received your paperwork. This generally takes 3-5 business days, however in certain cases it may take longer.

It’s a little different when it comes to changing your name. It’s for nicknames or various spellings of your given name. If your name is Francesca but everyone calls you Frankie, for example, you might wish to use Frankie instead.

You’ll still need a government-issued ID for this. You’ll only need an official document that includes your nickname instead of legal proof of a name change. If you used your pseudonym for the account, you can use a credit card or bank statement for this reason.

You can make a modest change without having to provide documentation. However, there are some substantial drawbacks. Only two characters can be changed at a time, and you can only do it once. The only reason for this is to correct a small error. Use this option if you want to be “Frankie” instead of “Frnakie.”

What if My Business Name Has Changed?

A business account can be created in one of two ways. The first is to start from scratch with a company email address and a business bank account. A personal account can also be upgraded. This is a regular occurrence among freelancers and DBAs.

Go to your PayPal account in a web browser to upgrade your personal account. You won’t be able to utilize the mobile app once more. Select “Upgrade to a Business Account” from the Settings menu.

You’ll be asked to fill out some basic information about your company and agree to their terms of service. After that, simply click “Upgrade Account” and you’re done.

This is when things become a little complicated. If you’re using a business name, you’ll see it on your end. Customers, on the other hand, will see the name you used to create the account. This isn’t a significant deal for some folks. There’s no problem if your name is Tim Jones and you run a business as Tim Jones.

Assume Tim Jones established Green Thumb Tim’s Gardening Service. Tim’s business name does not shown on his client bills, so how does he get it to appear?

Go to your profile in PayPal using a web browser. Look for the phrase “Business Information” under “My Business Info.” To modify your business name, click the “Update” button and follow the procedures.

When prompted, type your new name and click “Continue.” At this time, you may be requested to present legal papers.

Key Takeaways

Changing your PayPal business name is a simple and uncomplicated procedure. Although you may be required to produce a legal document or two, the entire procedure can be completed in just a few simple steps.

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