online dating for guys reddit

online dating for guys reddit

Is online dating an actual viable option for most men?

I once heard of a research in which male and female participants were given images of members of the opposite sex and asked to rank their attractiveness as above or below average. The women assessed 70% of the men as below average, and just 30% as above average – statistically impossible in a mathematical sense, of course – whereas the men rated 50% of the women as above average and 50% as below normal.

The conclusion we can draw from this is that unless you’re a 7/10 in terms of looks, OLD is probably not a feasible option for males.

Surprisingly, I met my now-girlfriend on Tinder after a long sabbatical from the app since it was destroying my self-esteem.

Not unless you’re extremely attractive and can write a book about your life experiences and wealth-building escapades.

Any man affluent and attractive enough to meet women from the past would already have women swooning over him in real life.

Only as a supplement to the traditional method…

The narcissists’ playground is online dating/apps, so take everything with a grain of salt and don’t take anything too seriously. You should use online dating as a supplement to real-world dating rather than as a complete replacement.

I’d argue that the older you get, the more matches you’ll have, especially if you’re a single man without children. I’m not referring to an exponential increase, but there was a noticeable increase with mine.

The key is to stick to your principles. You don’t have to justify your preferences for ladies to anyone but yourself. But don’t swipe on every gorgeous face simply because they’re pretty. Take your time reading the profiles and swiping on the ones that pique your interest. Whatever occurs, occurs. If you don’t have a lot of matches, just keep progressing and don’t worry about it.

The response to this question has been a loud “no” in every scientific study conducted on the subject. When both genders receive roughly the same amount of attention and interest around the age of 40, the playing field is slightly leveled for males, but until then, you’ll have slim chances with online dating unless you’re in the top 20% of guys.

The key to online dating, in my experience, is to keep both your expectations and your efforts in check. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that tinder (or whatever) will bring you a lot of good matches – even the real girls you match with are still strangers, and there’s a good possibility you won’t click. Anyway, that doesn’t mean you can’t swipe a few times on the toilet, or on the train to work, or wherever – use tinder when you have nothing else to do, and whatever you get will be the house’s money.

On tinder, I’ve had no matches except bots, but I don’t swipe right to every single person like some people do; if I don’t like someone, I don’t swipe.

No. Most males can’t possibly be in the top 3% of the population in terms of appearance and wealth. I can attest that it is a complete waste of time for most males, including myself, and my experience is backed up by theory:-).

It’s an age-old story. Online dating is not a feasible option for the majority of males. My recommendation is to give up unless you’re one of those guys who gets hundreds of matches on the first day. When you’re desperate, it’s just a waste of time and maybe money.

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