How to watch age restricted video on youtube


There are a few different ways to watch YouTube content that is blocked.
There are a few different ways to watch YouTube content that is blocked.
YouTube’s material is subject to a number of limitations in order to prevent access in certain circumstances. The most prevalent type of restriction in the video sharing platform is age restriction. Its major goal is to keep children under the age of 13 from seeing stuff that is inappropriate for them. There are additional constraints and limitations that are specific to each country.

These limitations are in place for a reason, but there are instances when you need to access restricted content for the same reason. Here are some methods and tricks to help you access and watch restricted YouTube video.

Download Blocked Content

Another common restriction is a country limitation. There are several reasons why videos are limited to certain countries only. The videos may be using copyrighted music or materials, so they cannot be displayed in other countries. The content creators behind the videos may also limit access to users in certain countries only.

Accessing YouTube using a VPN is a handy way to bypass country limitation, but this method doesn’t always work. YouTube is getting smarter in identifying connections made using a VPN and you may not be able to watch the video even when using a VPN country that matches.

A sure-fire way to bypass country limitation and access blocked videos is by downloading them. You can click here to learn how to download blocked YouTube videos for easy viewing.

YouTube Via Proxy

One last trick to know about accessing blocked YouTube videos is using proxy to access the video sharing platform. There are a lot of proxy services available for those who want to access YouTube unrestricted.

ProxFree is a good alternative to try. Using ProxFree, you can search for videos that are normally restricted and view them directly. You can also choose different proxies based on the regional limitation you’re trying to bypass. Switching from a UK IP address to a US one is as easy as clicking a button on your screen.

Now that you have these tips to use, you no longer have to worry about not being able to access YouTube videos due to age or regional restrictions. Pick a method that works best for you and watch the best YouTube videos from any source.

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