How to track a phone number

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By Hakeem Sa'id

How to Track Someone With Phone Number Anywhere

Following these simple procedures will allow you to trace phone numbers. Easily and quickly!

It’s inconvenient that you constantly getting calls from unfamiliar numbers. You must be curious as to where the calls originated from and who made them. You’re also looking for a reputable phone number tracing service. We’ll show you how to track a phone number using a reputable tracking phone number service in this article.

With today’s technology, you can easily trace phone numbers using a variety of websites and apps. It is difficult to locate reputable phone tracking services. We tested a number of phone number monitoring websites and applications to identify the best ones. We’ve compiled a list of the top five phone number tracking applications for you. You can track the phone numbers for each of them using either the website or the app.

  • been verified (for global)
  • Spokeo
  • People Finder
  • Truecaller has
  • reverse phone number Lookup (for US)

Been Verified

One of the most popular background check websites is BeenVerified. It compiles a massive database of public data culled from public records, social media accounts, criminal records, property records, and other sources.

You can instantly obtain extensive information about a phone number with its reverse phone lookup feature. The BeenVerified website and app (available for iOS and Android devices) may be used to track a phone number safely and lawfully. However, if you’re receiving an excessive number of calls, you should download the app version to instantly block them.


One of the most powerful phone number tracing apps available is Spokeo. It gives you access to names, addresses, social media accounts, court records, criminal histories, email addresses, and more in order to figure out who is behind those weird unknown numbers.

People Finder, founded in 1999, is a major Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider that makes it simple to access public data. It has one of the largest databases of public records data available, allowing you to receive more precise and refined results.


Truecaller is a famous phone number tracking tool used all over the world. Truecaller, which has 250 million users, can provide you with accurate information. It may be used to trace unfamiliar phone numbers, locate family or friends using their phone numbers, or stop spam calls.

Truecaller has a website and an app. The phone number can be tracked via the website or the app. It is dependent on your requirements.

Reverse Phone Lookup (for US)

Reverse Phone Lookup, produced by Whitepages, is another software you can utilize. Reverse Phone Lookup is the most comprehensive database of contact information about Americans. It may be used to track phone numbers in the United States. Websites and apps are also available through Reverse Phone Lookup.

How to monitor phone numbers using websites and applications

1) Go to the official websites or apps.

2) Start a search for the phone number you want to track in the search bar. After that, you’ll obtain more precise information about the phone number, such as who owns it and where it’s located. You can also search by PERSON or ADDRESS if you choose.

Hopefully, the information about how to track phone numbers was useful. Please let us know if any of the services listed do not meet your needs. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, ideas, or suggestions.



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