How Do You Tag someone On Facebook Comment 2022

How Do You Tag someone On Facebook Comment 2022

How Do You Tag someone On Facebook Comment: Facebook tags give your buddies a heads up when you’re stating them in an article on the social networking site.

Utilize the tags feature to talk regarding that you’re with currently, consist of buddies in a message concerning future plans or tease somebody in a comment.

Whenever you identify a friend, Facebook alerts her; the whole article in which she is marked additionally shows up on her Facebook wall.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Comment

Step 1

Click the “Compose a comment …” field at the end of any kind of Facebook message to which you have advantages to comment.

You are permitted to talk about your very own blog posts as well as messages on pages of your verified pals.

Action 2

Type the “@” symbol as well as the initial few letters of the name of the individual to be marked.

Action 3

Select your good friend from the list that Facebook automatically generates based on the letters you keyed in.

Click a good friend’s name as soon as to choose her.

Tip 4

Repeat Step 2 and also Step 3 for every person you wish to identify.

The routine messages could also be put before as well as after each tag.

Step 5

Hit the “Enter” trick to upload the comment.

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