How to enable Dark Mode on Google Discover Feed

How to enable Dark Mode on Google Discover Feed

How to enable Dark Mode on Google Discover Feed while using non-Pixel devices?

The software on Google Pixel devices is well-known for being well-optimized. Google’s enormous array of unique adjustments, features, and other optimizations are always a welcome addition to Pixel smartphones. There are also other advantages to owning a Pixel tablet. Dark Mode on Google Discover is one of them, and it’s a function exclusive for Pixel devices. Although it is only available on Pixel devices, there are some ways to use it on non-Pixel devices.

Google Discover is a news aggregation service that also includes other useful features such as a weather forecast. It gathers news articles and blogs based on previous browsing history and search intent. It is a very valuable tool for Android or Chrome users, as it allows them to provide useful content to them without any hiccups or additional effort.

On non-Pixel smartphones, there are several ways to enable Google Discover Feed Dark Mode. Some approaches may necessitate root privileges.

Using Pixel Launcher

The dark theme is supported by default in the Pixel launcher. When a dark wallpaper is used, the dark theme is switched on automatically. You can do so by long-pressing any empty spot on your home screen, then selecting “Wallpapers” from the drop-down menu, and finally selecting any dark wallpaper. You may now see the Google Feed dark mode by swiping to the leftmost home screen.

You’re out of luck if you didn’t obtain the dark mode because it requires a server-side switch. It can take a little longer to see if your color has flipped. The Pixel Launcher is available for download here.

Using Nova Launcher

The Google Discover feed can now be viewed in dark mode with Nova Launcher. It shows Discover Feed and toggles its appearance based on the global theme using Nova Google Companion. It is the simplest and most helpful Nova Launcher addon. Users who are interested in installing the extension can do so by downloading it from here. Now, go to Nova Settings>Integerations> and turn it on. To enable it, “tap” Google Discover>Install Nova Google Companion 1.1.’

This strategy is ideal for Nova Launcher users who are already familiar with the app. They can easily get Google Discover capability by downloading an apk and installing a tiny plugin. Nova Launcher Prime users will find it simple to assign different gestures to start the Google search widget.

Install Dark Mode supported Google app APK

The user can enable dark mode on Google Discover by installing the most recent Google app APK. The user can locate it under More > Settings > General > Dark Theme after installing or updating the program. The user can enable a dark theme by selecting one of the following options: “Never,” “Follow system setting,” or “Always.” It will change the color of the bottom tab, all search pages, and so on, in addition to the Google Discover feed.

All of the ways listed above make it simple to enable dark mode on the Google Discover feed. If you encounter any difficulties in implementing any of the above techniques, please let us know.

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