How program firestick remote to tv


How To Program Firestick Remote To Tv

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a perfect way to stream TV shows or movies or even watch live events. But your TV won’t be that smart if you don’t know how to program firestick remote to tv. By learning how to connect remote to tv, you’ll be able to get back to watching your favorite shows in no time.

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How To Program Firestick Remote To Tv

  1. The remote that is provided with your Amazon Firestick can be paired during the initial setup itself.
  2. Once you make the necessary connections between your TV and the Firestick, you can pair the remote.
  3. After the initial association has been made, take out the two batteries available in the Amazon Fire TV stick box.
  4. Insert the batteries in the respective slots.
  5. Once you insert the batteries, the pairing should be done automatically. If not, then tap the Home button available on your remote and hold it for 10 seconds.
  6. The remote pairs with the Smart TV now.
  7. To check if your remote has been connected, you can carry out the following Amazon Fire Stick Programming procedure.
  8. Take your remote and check if the Voice button blinks quickly. If yes, then it is in the Discovery mode. It is searching for devices to connect.
  9. When the three blue light flashes on the remote, then it means that your TV and remote has finished the pairing process.

How to Connect a 4K Fire Stick Remote to a Smart TV

From the home screen, go to Fire Stick Settings.

Click Equipment Control to program the Firestick remote to the television.


On the following screen, select Manage Equipment.


On this window, click TV.


Select an option. Change the channel on the television


When prompted, select Change TV.




If the FireStick correctly detects the TV, select YES.


If this is not the case, select NO.

If you selected NO above, you will be prompted to select a television brand. Go ahead and accomplish that, then set up the TV control by following the onscreen instructions.


How To Sync A Firestick Remote To A TV In A Smart Home

How to Connect an Amazon Firestick to a Replacement Remote
If you want to link a second remote, follow these steps.

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