How to Find Facebook Marketplace – How Do I Start Selling in the Facebook Marketplace for free

How to Find Facebook Marketplace – How Do I Start Selling in the Facebook Marketplace for free

How to Find Facebook Marketplace – How Do I Start Selling in the Facebook Marketplace for free: Facebook Marketplace is available in the Facebook app and on desktops and tablets.

Look for the marketplace button at the bottom of the app on iOS or at the top of the app on Android.

If using a web browser, you can find this Marketplace icon on the left side of the Facebook page.

This article is all about facebook marketplace and how to use it for selling on the giant social media platform.

Facebook Market Place is a platform on Facebook which gives users access to buy and sell goods.

There are a lot of online shopping sites out there because we are now in the internet age where almost everything can be gotten online.

Facebook’s platform is very unique in the sense that every FB user has access to it.

Buying from online shopping sites is pretty easy because all you need to do is register with them.

But to sell on already developed online shops, you need some capital to do so.

This is why Facebook Marketplace is different.

All it takes is for you to sign up with Facebook.

Once you do this, you can start selling in the marketplace for free.

Facebook Market Place Buy and Sell

The FB Marketplace is a catalog of items that are properly arranged to help buyers easily identify what they want. As a buyer or seller, you are required to set your reach so people within your sphere can see you.

Although, Facebook like every reasonable platform has policies that govern its marketplace.

Sellers are required to upload quality photos of their items with well-detailed descriptions.

Buyers just visit and begin bargain with sellers.

How to Find Facebook Marketplace

Funny enough, you may have been coming across the FB Marketplace without knowing the function.

It isn’t your fault though; you will also get to meet lots of people who also do not know its function.

When you log in to your Facebook account, get to the top where you have your timeline.

There, you will see a shop front icon.

That is the Facebook Marketplace.

It is that simple and without any stress. Don’t miss out on this because it can save you the cost of establishing a physical shop or paying for online shop space.

How To Download & Install Facebook Marketplace Application

There are several marketplace apps on the internet; you need to have at least just one as the primary app for trading.

To download the marketplace app for purchasing or selling purposes, you will need to either go to the google play store if you are an Android user or navigate to the App store if you are using iOS and search for the app on either store or both stores.

When you find the particular marketplace app that you desire and have been in search of via the store search bar on duo stores, you can download & install the marketplace apps on your device.

Enable the app such that access is granted to access some vital part of your device to empower the running of the app effortlessly and effectively.

You may also need to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the marketplace platform and set up your application.

If you can’t get to the Play Store or App Store, you can download and install the Facebook marketplace through the marketplace website of that specific marketplace you always needed.

Be it as it may, if you are looking for the Facebook marketplace, go to where it is located by default, or you can search the word “Marketplace” on the Facebook search bar.

They’ll find the shop icon, which is an indication of Facebook Marketplace.

If you can’t find it there or if it says that it is not available in your account.

What it means, in essence, is that either the Facebook marketplace is not yet open in your country/region or present location, or your account does not meet the eligibility to get the approval of the market.

Marketplace Facebook Buy and Sell

It is always better to use Facebook Marketplace via the Facebook app.

It will help to become notified each time a buyer needs your product in a less stringent manner; you only need to sign up and upload your time and add a striking description.

That is it on How to Find Facebook Marketplace – How Do I Start Selling in the Facebook Marketplace for free.

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