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Facebook Store | Set Up a Facebook Store: Are you looking for a guide on how to set up Facebook store?

In this post, you’ll be shown the complete step by step guide on how you can set up a Facebook online store with ease in the comfort of your mobile phone or desktop computer.

Every business sensitive person desire to take their business to another level. Interestingly, the Facebook store is the surest way to grow your business faster.

Facebook Store | Set Up a Facebook Store

Selling on Facebook is a great way to market your products and services around you and beyond your environ. It doesn’t matter how many platforms you’re currently selling your products, it can be 1,2, 3 or more.

But if you’re not selling on Facebook store, you’re missing a lot. You need to get on Facebook and leverage on the millions on Facebook daily users and your friendship base on Facebook to sell on Facebook.

Whether your business is small or big, you can sell on a Facebook store.

What is a Facebook Store?
A Facebook store is a separate page on your Facebook account that you can reach a wider customer base and sell your products.

However, most people refer to it as a Facebook shop, but it means the same. Moreover, you can create a successful Facebook store without having a Facebook page, From your Facebook store, you can create a product list and set up a shopping card to connect payments.

Each time people visit your Facebook business page; they can click on your store tab and buy products from your store.

It’s very easy to use the Facebook community to grow your business. Facebook is an excellent and easy social media platform to target users with similar interest.

Through Facebook sharing, you can reach more customers and make your content viral.

How to Set Up a Facebook Store 
If you want to create your Facebook store go your facebook business page and locate the Shop tag by the left side of the page.

Click on it and follow the instructions that follow depending on the type of Facebook shop you want to create.

After creating your Facebook shop, when people visit your business page, they can click at your shop and buy, other or book for your products or services.

This is really a great way to market your products and services faster.

Simple steps to set up your Facebook store 
– The First is to make sure you’ve set up your Facebook Business page.
– Add a Store section to your page from the shop as seen above.
– After that, add your products!
– Don’t forget that you can only sell physical products, and you must upload each one individually.
– Now Manage your products – Include sizes and other product info for your customers to browse.
– Set up your payments options/details.
– You may either select to send customers to check out on your website, submit their order in a Facebook message, or fill their purchase directly through your Facebook shop page.
– Go ahead to Set up your shipping options.
– Save!

Other ways to sell on Facebook 
– Use of Website Builders– the E-commerce Website Builders comes with specialized features and functions that can help you to maximize your businesses’ online.

However, you may have some challenges or limitations selling on Facebook shop such as lack of syncing and payment types as well as has lower product images.

But if you connect your Facebook shop to a website builder such as Shopify, you’ll avoid all these limitations.

And your store management will be easier and you can keep your checkout on the Facebook page, and purchases come out of your inventory automatically.

Other online store builders are: 
– Bigcommerce
– Squarespace

How to sell on Facebook using Shopify 
Shopify is now one of the best and fastest growing e-commerce website builders in the market now:

Benefits of using Shopify 
– It has about 1 million+, active users
– Helped sellers process over $72 billion in sales.
– Offers Professional and polished design themes to make your store look great
– Have Hundreds of apps to expand the functionality of your online store. Also, you can add them as your business grows and needs additional features
– Offers 24 hours support

If you want to create your Facebook Store through Shopify, you just have to add Shopify’s free Facebook Channel app to your Shopify store.

The app is included in all Shopify paid plans. As soon as you set up the app, Facebook then creates a Store section on your Facebook page.

This, however, can display your Shopify products for people to view and buy!

The Facebook Store app now creates a Store tab for your Facebook Business Page that will automatically push through’ your products to Facebook.

From here, you can manage your products, track sales, and process orders in Shopify, which now syncs everything to display these changes in your Facebook store .

Your customers will now browse your Shopify products on Facebook, and can even make a purchase without leaving the social site.

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