Changing Facebook Password In 2022 | How Can I Change FB Password

Changing Facebook Password In 2022 | How Can I Change FB Password

Changing Facebook Password In 2022 | How Can I Change FB Password: Are you among the numerous facebook users and looking for a guide on how to change your password on facebook? If you answered yes, there is no point for worries.

Interestingly, during the course of this article, you will see all the steps you need to follow to browse your facebook settings page and change your password without stress.

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Facebook Password

When you successfully sign up for a facebook account, the password you provided will be the same for as long as you want, however for security purposes, it is advisable to change your Facebook password at least once every month especially if you always access your account through a public computer in a cyber cafe or you always a public Wi-Fi on the street or of a company.

Changing your password on facebook gives your account a strong protection against hackers or your friends who want to access your account for tricky purposes.

This article will teach you how to change your Facebook Password with ease.

Note that changing your password is different from resetting your password.

To change your password, you have to be able to remember your present password but you only reset your password when you have forgotten the present password which is done on the login page.

A reset code will be sent to your registered email to reset it but to change your password, here are the steps to follow;

Login to your Facebook account most preferable from a mobile app on your mobile device
At the homepage, click on the arrow facing down at the top corner
From the drop-down options, click on settings.

Then general
Click on edit just in front of the password.

Then you will be required to input your present password before inputting a new password (note that Facebook password is case sensitive and it is good to use a combination of letters, digit,s and symbols to form a strong password)
Click on confirm, then your password will be changed to the new one.

Note that Facebook will log out all other third-party applications connected to it after changing your password, so you have to re-login whenever you open the application.

That is it on Changing Facebook Password In 2022 | How Can I Change FB Password.

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