Apple ID – How to Reactivate A Disabled Apple ID


How to Enable A Disabled Apple ID: Did you disable your apple id and looking for a comprehensive and straight to the point guide on how to enable a disabled apple ID step by step. So if you are here to figure out how to enable disabled ID on apple, this article has gotten you covered. Continue reading below:

How to Enable A Disabled Apple ID – iForgot Page
An apple id becomes automatically locked when there are attempts on security such as typing of incorrect password multiple times, false information, etc. To help users, Apple created a platform where they can quickly get their problems solved in a few minutes. The enabling of a disabled account is one of their primary concern, and that is why they created to help recover these accounts. When you visit the page, you get to see a smooth and somewhat effective method of solving your problem.

With you get to recover your lost account, but you will need your password to do the job; however, if you have forgotten your password, you could reset and gain access at the end of the day. Sometimes, a recovery key is quite helpful.

Steps to use

Step 1: Visit and wait till all content comes on.
Step 2: Enter Apple ID if you remember, and if you cannot, click on “Forgot Apple ID” to look it up a list of many.
Step 3: If you know your apple id, click on “continue” to proceed.
Step 4: Enter details correctly and move to enable the lost account.

On the page, you can also find many products available on apple that could fancy your interest.

How to Prevent Apple ID From Being Disabled
We have talked on how to solve the case of an apple id being disabled with the two methods explained above. Now, it is important we talk about how not to make such a mistake again, or how to prevent such a scenario from happening again.

Below are notes/steps you could take to keep you safe;

Ensure you add trusted devices, trusted accounts or backup emails. You can do so at the Apple ID website.
If you have two-step verification security for your account, it might be worth disabling it and upgrading to two-factor authentication.
Try to reset the password from Apple’s website.
If you’re unable to unlock your Apple ID, you may need to contact Apple Support.

That is it on Apple ID – How to Reactivate A Disabled Apple ID. I hope this article was helpful.

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