How To Do Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms And Conditions Associated With Amazon 2 Day Shipping


How To Do Amazon 2 Day Shipping – Terms And Conditions Associated With Amazon 2 Day Shipping: When it comes to online shopping, there’s nothing as comfortable as you placing your order and having it delivered at your doorsteps in a matter of days.

Amazon, being the largest online retail company in the world, is always making efforts to make shopping on the platform ad comfortable as it can be for its many users. With the Amazon Prime subscription service, users can now enjoy a swift 2 Day shipping from the day an order was placed.

Amazon 2 Day shipping simply refers to the time interval (a period of 48 hours, 2 business days precisely) that it takes a product to be delivered to the owner’s destination. This service is exclusively for Amazon Prime members only.

The 2-day shipping is one of the many benefits users get to enjoy when they subscribe to the Amazon prime service. Other benefits of this service include listening to digital music and videos, Amazon retail partners, amongst many others.

Amazon 2 Day Shipping And How Does It Work?
This service is available to some cities in the United States that have been fulfilled by Amazon. You should see the option available for two-day delivery at checkout if your city is eligible for the service. Note that you have to select the two-day delivery option during the check out to proceed.

The charge fee attached to Amazon 2 day shipping option is $ 99 per order, this price can however be reduced to $ 49 per order for a limited period of time for all items available for the offer on Amazon.

It’s also important to note that there are terms and conditions attached to Amazon 2 day delivery, which is worth knowing, which we shall be discussing below.

Terms and Conditions Associated with Amazon 2 Day Shipping
The following are the terms and conditions that are associated with Amazon 2 day shipping service on the platform:

  • The order for the item(s) to be purchased must be placed within the specified time frame on the detail of the product to ensure a successful 2 day delivery, otherwise, the item will be delivered in 3 working days.
  • The service is only allowed for items fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Two day shipping is not available for large and heavy merchandise.
  • Two day shipping is not available for delivery in offices on Saturdays as they may be closed for the weekend.
  • Amazon will not be held to account for items when they are delivered within the scheduled date when the owner is not available to claim the item.

If for any reason, your item doesn’t get delivered to you within the scheduled date, you may contact Amazon to get a complete refund of the item ordered.

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