How To Add/Change Your Facebook Profile Picture


Facebook profile picture: Are you looking for a guide on how to change your Facebook profile photo?


Are you searching for an article that treats the procedure on how to add a profile photo on Facebook.

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How To Add/Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

If your answers are yes, here is a facebook post that teaches the steps you need to follow to add or change your facebook profile photo.

Facebook is one of those social sites used by millions of people all over the world.

Nowadays, you rarely see anyone who is not using this social site. Basically, it is one of the most engaged social sites.

Today, I want to show you how to change or add your facebook profile photo if you’ve not already added it or you want to change.

Your Facebook profile picture is what other facebook users will see once they visit your facebook newsfeed.

It is situated at the bottom left of your facebook cover photo. Your facebook photo is the large portion of your facebook newsfeed.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the steps for adding or changing your facebook profile picture.

Before you can add or add your facebook profile photo, you’ll need to first and foremost login facebook. Here is how to:

Facebook Login – Facebook Sign in
As long as you are signed up with Facebook, you are permitted to view your FB account and enjoy the use of the FB platform. To login Facebook, do the following:

  • Get on your web browser (any web browser at all)
  • On the URL bar, type “FACEBOOK.COM”
  • The Login Page will be open to you.
  • Input your email address or mobile phone number
  • Input your Password
  • Click “Sign In”

Easy Guide On How To Add a profile picture to your Facebook account
Let’s first explain how to add a picture if you have not done so yet:

  • If you have not yet added a picture to your profile, one of the things you should see when you type inside your browser is an “Upload a profile picture” section and an “Upload a Photo” link – this is Facebook reminding you that you should include a picture of yourself.
  • Click on the Upload a Photo link and Facebook will open an image uploader: click on the button, which can say “Choose” or “Browse” depending on your web browser, and whether you are on Windows or Mac.
  • Navigate through your computer to find a suitable profile picture that is smaller than 4 Mb (megabytes), which is the size of a very high-resolution digital photo.
  • As soon as you picked an image, Facebook will start the upload (if you receive an “Upload Failed” message, try using a different picture).
  • To preview and confirm that the account picture was successfully uploaded and used as picture for your public Facebook profile, click on the silhouette image in the top left to load your profile.
  • The picture you just uploaded should now be displayed on your public Facebook profile.

How To Update/change your account’s main photo (public Facebook profile picture)
Now that we have added a picture to our public Facebook profile, let’s change your account photo:

  • First off, you’ll need to navigate to your Facebook account
  • Click on the “Change Picture” link
  • You have multiple choices from the Edit your Profile Picture menu:
  • If you have uploaded other pictures and want to keep your current photo, click on “Choose from Album” and choose another image.
  • If you want to keep your current profile picture, but use another image as account photo, click on “Upload a Picture” to add a new one to your Facebook profile (and then use it as main account photo).
  • Finally, if you want to update your account photo (replace the current picture with a new one), click on “Remove your Picture”, and confirm the deletion.
  • Then, move your pointer above the default profile silhouette, click on Change Picture, and choose “Upload a Picture”.
  • The rest of the process happens just as described in the first part of this tutorial.
  • Within seconds, Facebook will have uploaded your new picture and applied it as account photo

That is it on How To Add/Change Your Facebook Profile Picture.

I hope the article was helpful.

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