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[7 Easy Steps] How to Post to Instagram From Your Computer
Caroline Forsey (@cforsey1) wrote this article.

Using a desktop PC to publish to Instagram
Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social media platform that may be accessed via a smartphone app. It does not, however, offer a desktop version, unlike other social networks.

For many customers who want to access functions from their desktop computer, this is an issue. Let’s pretend you’re a social media manager for a well-known brand. The last thing you want is to make an oversight and mistakenly publish brand content to your personal Instagram account (or, worse, vice versa) just because you’re signed into both on your computer.

How to Post to Instagram From Your Computer [7 Easy Steps]

posting to instagram via desktop computer

Instagram is a popular social media network for sharing photos, commonly accessed through a mobile app. Unlike other social networks, however, it does not have a desktop version.

This poses a problem for a lot of users who want to access features from their desktop computer. For example, let’s say you’re a social media manager for a prominent brand. The last thing you want to do is have an absentminded mishap where you accidentally post brand content to your personal Instagram account (or, worse, vice versa) simply because you’re logged into both on your phone.


Alternatively, it might be easier to upload company posts and videos via your desktop, rather than having your smartphone open at work.

Plus, your company’s files might be more easily accessible via desktop than mobile. For instance, if you use Photoshop to edit company photos, it’s likely easier to click “Upload” from your desktop when you’re done editing, rather than sending that same photo or video to your personal phone.

Perhaps you simply prefer the larger screen of desktop. Or, maybe you don’t have access to a smartphone so you can’t download the app on your phone.

For all of these reasons, you might be wondering, “Can I post to Instagram from my computer?” We have some good news — there’s a solution for you. Let’s dive into that, next.

In other words — Yes, you can post to Instagram from your PC or Mac desktop instead of on your mobile device’s app or browser. In this post, we’ll explore how you can post images and videos from your desktop computer.



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How do I post to Instagram from my computer? [PC and Mac]

Whether you’re on a Mac or a PC, you can use workarounds to post from your desktop computer. Depending on the browser you use, the instructions will vary. Below, we’ll discuss how to do it on:

Once we discuss these workarounds for posting photos, we’ll also discuss how to upload a video to Instagram from your desktop.

1. Navigate to Instagram’s website in your Chrome browser.

The first thing you’ll want to do is open up Google Chrome and navigate to https://www.instagram.com/ by typing it into the navigation bar.

2. Open the “Settings” menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.

click on settings in chrome browser

Instagram Account Credit: @Goodtomicha

Up in the top menu on the far right side, you’ll find three verticle dots. Once you click these, a drop-down menu will open up.

3. Scroll down to “More Tools” in the drop-down menu, and then click “Developer Tools”.

find developer tools on google chrome

Developer Tools gives you access to a menu that opens up in a panel on the right side of your window. This will give you advanced control over how your browser displays content, helping you post to Instagram from desktop using Chrome.

4. Click the “Toggle Device Toolbar” mobile button.

clicking on mobile toggle to change the desktop version to mobile instagram

On the top left corner of the new panel, you’ll see an icon with two squares that represent a tablet and a mobile device. Clicking it will reveal the Device Toolbar that gives you advanced control over your browser.

5. Choose which mobile device you’d like from the drop-down menu.

changing responsive design on desktop so it resembles instagram on mobile copy

In the Device Toolbar, you’ll see another drop-down menu with a list of mobile devices. Selecting one will tell the browser to emulate how a website looks on that particular device you selected.

Choose which mobile device you’d like on the drop-down menu, as well as how zoomed in you want to be.

6. Refresh the page to see the mobile interface of Instagram from your browser.

You should then be able to able to use Instagram straight from the emulation or even close the panel on the right side while retaining this “mobile view.”

7. Upload an Instagram post the same way you would via mobile.

You can upload

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