7 Awe-Striking Beaches In America That Are Worth A Visit

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By Rilwan Abdullahi

The USA should be on your priority list if you enjoy beautiful beaches, pristine sand, and exciting activities. Here, you will have the time of your life. Given that America is one of the biggest nations on earth, it is only natural that there would be an abundance of breathtaking beaches there. You would experience joy and jubilation from a visit to such sites that you would remember for the rest of your life.

Awesome Beaches In America

The following are the 7 most incredible beaches in the USA, which are ideal for a visit.

1. South Beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami

One of the most sought-after locations in the world for a captivating party experience is this beautiful Miami beach. The perfect setting for an unforgettable excursion would combine turquoise water with an energetic atmosphere.

This exotic beach exudes style and opulence from every surface. Miami Beach is unmatched in every category, whether it’s delicious cuisine or glitzy people.

  • Must-do activities- Shopping at Lincoln Road Mall, Dine at the most lavish restaurants, an adventurous visit to Jungle Island.
  • Best time to visit- Between March and May.
  • Weather- Sunny( Vibrant conditions) ideal for sunbath

2. 1000 Steps Beach, Laguna

1000 Steps Beach, Laguna

This gorgeous California beach appears to be a paradise in all its splendor. Your visit to this breathtaking location would be worthwhile due to the majestic caves and staggeringly high waves. This beach would be perfect to spend some free time with your loved ones while enjoying amazing sports like surfing and snorkeling.

  • Must-do activities- Snorkeling, Surfing, beach volleyball, skimboarding
  • Best time to visit- March to May
  • Weather- Moderate temperature in the day time, chilling temperatures in the evening

3. North Manitou Island

North Manitou Island

This beach is among the most alluring in the USA and has a distinctive method of exploration. Only boating experiences can truly enjoy the beach. This beach should absolutely be visited by everyone who is interested in wildlife and the natural world. A huge 15000 acres of land appeals to visitors on a grand scale. The visual ecstasy of the Sun rising would be a wonderful memory that would stay with you forever.

  • Must-do activities- Camping, Hunting, and Hiking.
  • Best time to visit- July-August
  • Weather- Pleasant warm weather.

4. Ocean City Beach, Maryland

Ocean City Beach, Maryland

If you’re seeking for a relaxing and tranquil beach, look no farther than this magnificent beach, whose mesmerizing vista will leave you fascinated. This beach, which is regarded as one of the cleanest in the country, seems perfect for unwinding in the Sun’s warmth. Make sure to take advantage of the chance to visit the pier amusement park, which has a number of thrilling rides.

  • Must-do activities- Canoeing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and Kayaking
  • Best time to visit- June-July
  • Weather- Sunny, breezy

5. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

This mesmerizing beach is ideal for enthralling activities like beach volleyball, biking, and strolling along with your loved ones. Enriched with a soothing ambiance, this place is ideal to escape the nuances of life and just relax underneath the sun. This beach is ideal for strolling in the evening which would rejuvenate your soul to the core.

  • Must-do activities- Surfing, Volleyball, Strolling
  • Best time to visit- May-September
  • Weather- Warm and bright

6. Hollywood Beach, Florida

This exotic beach is a must for all those people who want to witness the glorious and exotic nature of vintage beaches in the USA. This scenic beach flaunts a charm of its own when you stroll down the 2-mile “Broadwalk” for a mesmerizing experience. The sunny and bright weather is ideal for sunbathing and showing-off those ripped torsos!

  • Must-do activities- Strolling, Surfing
  • Best time to visit- June- September
  • Weather- Warm and breezy

7. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

This scintillating beach boasts off a massive landscape that mesmerizes the visitors with its captivating view. The waves of crystal clean water splashing down the shores are absolute bliss to experience. This beach is ideal for spending some cozy time with your loved one. Strolling down this stunning virgin beach would rejuvenate your soul for a peaceful experience. You may also relish some jaw-dropping experiences like Kayaking and Glass-bottom boating.

  • Must-do activities- Kayaking, Sunbathing, Boating.
  • Best time to visit -May-August
  • Weather- Sunny, moderate

Beaches must be visited in order to have an excellent trip to America. In addition to being incredibly scenic, all of the beaches in America described above nicely reflect the amazing culture of the nation! If you plan your trip to include some of the beaches mentioned above, it will be a success!

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